What a dream......  

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6/29/2005 6:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What a dream......

Finally got this thing up....yea!!!
ok Im new at writing my fantasies for all to view..so bare with me please!
I'm sitting at work at my desk as this tall dark and gorgeous man pulls me up from my desk pushes me against the door and puts his hand on my throat pushing enough to get my heart going, he kisses me hard but passionately. The excitement rushes through me as I have no clue who this guy is, his cologne is a distinct smell. I have smelled this before. He turns out the light before I can get a good glimpse of this man who has just stole my breath, playing my fantasy out a stranger controlling my every move. He takes his other hand forcefully rubbing his hand along the seam of my pants....which in turns rubs across my clit. I moan with pleasure as he presses harder on my throat as my breaths get faster and louder. He cracks a smile as he sees the excitement in my eyes. He rips open my pants thrusting his hand in playing with my pussy rubbing his fingers over my clit as I moan over and over. He releases my neck from his choke hold. He whispers in my ear that I have been a bad girl and I deserve to be beat. I tell him I have been a very bad girl and to beat me as he deems fit. He bends me over my desk and shows me that he is the boss. His voice also strikes a cord with me I do know him....but where....the curiousity crosses my brain as he surprises me by ripping my pants down to my knees. He then bends down to lick my very wet and aroused clit as his tongue passes over it I flinch and moan as if convulsing everytime. He then rips his pants off tells me Im in for a beating as he grabs a paddle from his coat and grabs a hand ful of my long red hair. He Paddles me once then he thrusted hard and then a couple more times he thrusted. He then grabbed my head back till I was almost standing straight....tell me your a bad girl he whispers forcefully. He paddles me again as I scream and whimper at the same time....I do I was commanded...Im a bad girl...spank me harder daddy. He about lost his load....he paddled me 2 more times I about orgasmed right there. I whimpered and let out a nice loud moan. He pulls me closer to him and asks me....did I tell you to call me daddy?... I moan back to him as he thrusts into me....Answer me you dirty little girl.He forces me back into my original position back on the desk....he continues to thrust into me griping my hair. He paddles me a couple more times harder this time. I said answer me....no you didnt...Im a bad little girl..beat me please cums out of my mouth. I could feel him grin as he continued to thrust harder and faster he paddled me a couple of more times as I moaned and took them. He then took his thumb ran it down my back and then rimmed me and stuck it in. I orgasmed almost on the spot as I was about to..he stopped and told me I dont think so. I was so in amazement that I didnt see this coming. He tells me to turn around now. With outh missing a beat I turned and sat on my desk. He instantly went to sucking my clit and rubbing it and massaging it. I moaned as then he paddled my clit once...it threw me for a quite a spin. As I threw my head back as I moaned in ultimate pleasure I came and for the first time I squirted, in his mouth. He just looked at me as he stood and smiled then he leaned down as to let me taste myself on his tongue. He got dressed and walked out the door never second guessing himself to reveal his identity.

PassionWanted3 67M

7/2/2005 8:11 am

Your fantasy is well described

rm_akslurpy 60M
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7/6/2005 2:43 am

thanks for sharing you're inner thoughts.Would be nice to maybe meet up with in a chat room!!

rm_bedlam247 45M

7/6/2005 5:04 pm

When you're ready to live out your fantasy, I'd gladly lend a hand, or tongue, or whatever......

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