What Now?  

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1/8/2006 10:34 pm

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What Now?

As many of you know my year last year was hard and unbelievable. This year has that one beat 10 fold. Hopefully this is all gonna pass and this year is gonna be WONDERFUL. Sure hasnt been already.
Started the year with my roommates father had a stroke, then my friends husband ended up in ICU last night and is hanging on by a thread, I find it hard to have a real sex/love life, and some relatively close friends of mine died early this morning. I don't know which ones Im still awaiting names. Im one seriously confused person right now. I dont know what to do or how to act. As most of you know from talking to me and listening to my blogs Im part of the US Forces and I love my job I just hate the sadness and stress it incurs. The waiting kills me. Its been a hard day awaiting the even harder day knowing who they are. They are my family in Iraq and I miss everyone equally knowing that those couple are not coming home alive I just cant fathom it. Ive cried a majority of the night and slept a couple hours but nothing takes away the pain.
I got names this afternoon of 4 of the 12 people on the helo were my fellow crewmembers. May they rest in peace as they are classified as heros in my book. 4 Great people taken too soon!

Good night all

Grimptan 35M

1/9/2006 5:12 pm

unfortunatly there is no way to take away the pain of losing someone. all you can do is remember the good times, the bad times and take comfort in the fact that through you they will never be forgoten. i have lost friends and family myself, it's never easy, nore should it ever be. it's best to imagine how they would want you to react. my grandfather's perspective on death was a bit cold, but he did not even want a funeral. his wishes were that we put him in the ground and carry on with our lives. it was a rather tall order, but we respected his wishes. as hard hearted as it may seem it helped to know that his last wishes were fulfilled.

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