Its the little things.....Part 2  

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11/23/2005 4:44 pm

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Its the little things.....Part 2

Now as I said I am thankful for just being alive this year. My family has had alot of tragedy this year alone.
1st My father got bit by a brown reclouse not once but twice. This made his third time being bitten by these stupid spiders.
2nd I came down with a cold from hell. It was an upper respiratory infection....anyone that knows anything about that and asthma...knows it doesnt mix well at all! LOL I felt like I was dying!
Then I find out my grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer.....and has less than a year to live. She quickly let her life slip away from her and was getting worse quick! We didnt think she would make it to see today!
By this time my dad had been hospitalized once and almost died twice. He had less than 24 hours to live when we took him in. Then in the hospital he had a heart attack.
This is all by March 2005 let me remind you!
My dad is finally getting better and he decides doing his old daily activities would be fine well to make a long story short. He takes his truck to a boat ramp to take the boat out and something in the gear box breaks and his truck rolls into the Inlet. Starts up by itself because.....salt water conducts electricity! So its totaled. The truck he loved like a sixth child!
Everything really mellowed out till July when my moms eldest sister passed away from natural causes. That devestated everyone. So unexpected.
My father ended up in the hospital again because of his ankle this time the trip to the hospital was to get surgery. Well before they could do that the poor man had not 1 but 2 seizures. Thank God for the 2 medevac pilots in the lobby of the hospital or who knows what would have happened to my dad. They admitted him the next day and his surgery went as planned now he doesnt work and hardly walks. Because not working forced him to be kicked out of our shop we own. That about killed him for the final time. A shop we have worked so hard to build and shape, after 20 some odd years gone. My dad is currently looking to relocate when his leg is healed. But its gonna be awhile.
My Grandmother recently went into remission 1 month ago from her cancer. My best friend is in Iraq and Im here trying to figure out what happened this year.
The only thing that comes to mind as the Holidays quickly approach is that I am very thankful for the wonderful things I have in my life right now. My fabolous friends all over the world, my family that I love dearly, and to live my life with the wonderful things called electronics and the internet! LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember what your thankful for tomorrow and cherish it because it can be taken away any moment in time! You don't realize what you have 'til it's gone!

Night All

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