Going in circles  

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7/26/2005 6:58 pm

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Going in circles

Have you ever felt in life you were going in circles or you have been going in this one big circle that never ends?
I think this post is going to be a total vent sorry! lol not really. Im so tired of dating recently all it is a way to get laid. I meet a guy I act interested or at least interested enough to get me through the meal, then comes the goodnight but after that every guy I seem to meet doesn't want to wait till the second date they want sex right then. Its funny the look that they give me.
Im bored with the dating game, but I don't want to settle down yet? I want to find someone who I can be with and who will let me enjoy my fun with them. Not saying I have to be with them 24/7 but to enjoy myself and them to enjoy theirself. I by any means am old enough to settle down or even say that dreaded "M" word. I hate that word and I dread the day I really think and mean that day. That didn't make sense lol! I have no real desire to get married. Errr...I said it! LMAO.
Sorry a little loopy I just finished doing pilates and I need a shower.
Back to my subject. I just feel every guy I go out with isn't only looking to have sex but to fall in LOVE (another word I hate). As Im sure you can tell by now I am not your average female. I love sex don't get me wrong! I crave it like food. I just want someone who has priorities there are times I like to cuddle and just love on someone. But you know I have found love a couple times and 2 of the times the guys have broke my heart. Iam now very cautious every time I get involved with the guy and the second a guy thinks about marriage....I book it out of that relationship because it scares me to death. Everyone staring at me, a day all about me....I think if I do. Ill just go elope. LOL! That is all! Kisses to all!

drnick20054 28M

7/28/2005 9:30 am

Well i've always believed that if u have an emotional connection with some1 the sex will be much better. and theres nothing wrong with cuddling and just lovin some1. but sex will play a role in any relationship. i dont know if that helps any.

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