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Answers to Questions

Michael_IG65asked How did you get into that mmfm foursome?
What compliments do you receive that you feel are most accurate?
If you could have an ideal date in a far away land, where would you want to go and what would you want to do (in addition to ?
Well wow those are some pretty good questions hehe
1. I was fairly drunk and I was attracted to 2 of the 3 men and well ya didn't want to leave the other one out!
2. Wow the compliments Ive gotten that I feel are true...There have been many that I got from guys most popular is that Im cute..Im gorgeous...and Im absolutely beautiful...oh and dont forget that I look so innocent and hot!!! .. I think I'm cute and know I'm not innocent so I will say that is the most accurate as for the other ones that your judgment!
3. The place I would love to go for an ideal date would have to be off the coast of Ireland (first) and Italy(second)or a pinic for lunch on the hillside next to a castle in Ireland (but on the beaches of Italy!) Then spend all day touring the countryside of either. Experiencing the culture and then taking a nice stroll by a lake/ocean/river and then laying on a hill or the beach watching the sky get dark and the stars come out. Wow what a question to ask hehe Of course there would be sex somewhere in there!
kiliian1976 asked me
How do they get the Tootsie Roll center into a Tootsie Pop?
1. Umm 3 licks then crunch?

Why does buttered bread/toast always fall down on the buttered side?
2. Cause its mushy...what kind of questions are these?

Which do you like better, a guy that makes breakfast the morning after a night of sex... or the guy that's gone before breakfast?
3. a guy thats gone before breakfast! I dont like men in my kitchen!

[blog voodooguru1] asks me:

Too late to ask? Its never to ask questions, ever!

1. Where are your tats? #1 is on my right hip #2 is on my right ankle
2. What are they of? #1 is my zodiac #2 is of a Jasmine flower
3. Why? That is, what do they symbolize, or mean to you? #1 is special because its my zodiac and well ya! kinda obvisous dontcha think. #2 symbolizes my best friend Jasmine who died in a car wreck 3 years ago February, Its my special tribute to her!

Is this the first comment I've ever made that is made up of only questions?.....I dunno is it?

I will add more as the questions are asked!

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