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6/2/2006 9:48 pm

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*photos not included*

Lastnight, i felt the need to arrange the final pictures ive taken of my boy in the new photo album that i had bought, just for that occassion.
Ive had the pictures for weeks now I know that some of the pictures are brutal for me to AdultFriendFinder
Iknow this because after i got them developed from my camera, and had showed my wife, & my girlfriend about a week later i wanted to look @ them because i was missing corey. I SOON had found out that apparently i really wasnt looking @ them (like i had thought i was). Infact, not @ all cuzz it dawned on me... man these last pictures of my son on this earth was horrid.
Some of the pictures, when i look @ them make me see past times of when something would happen. or just a deju vu type of thing. Others make me just break down & cry (knowing) how strong my son was @ the hospital.(even tho cumz to find out the hospital is what actually killed him). He had the will & strenght of 5 men durring the last 2 hospitals that he was @.
After fighting the many tears off from doing such a job as putting 65 photos of your deceased child in an album.
Along the way ive learned so many things people dont seam to think about anymore because they too are cought up in the day to day life thang. Which i'll be glad to share in later posts. Some wont be (shall we say pretty) and others could be tips or lessons in life.

so until them are posted ...
I love & miss u son..

Knot4Everyone 40F

6/2/2006 11:04 pm

I'm sorry for your loss...

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