It's been a good day!  

inheat03 48F
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1/10/2006 8:06 am
It's been a good day!

Holidays are always good, especially since it allows you to have long-drawn sex sessions. The morning one was rather quickie, typical 'we're married'sex.
But the afternoon session was almost 2 hours long, i must have cum at least 3 times, including one that seemed like it wld never end...
Had taught hubby how use the video function on his phone over the New Year weekend (he's not a very techie person) & he's gone absolutely nuts, taking pics & videos regularly. Unfortunately, he dropped his phone last week, and someone's picked it up. And it has me out of the shower as it wallpaper & videos of me sucking him off.
After the initial panic, sort of resigned myself to the fact that others may be seeing it...
He's gotten a new phone & done exactly the same thing Hope this one doesn't go missing. Kids wondering why Daddy doesn't allow them to use his phone anymore.

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