It's a Monday morning  

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12/11/2005 4:31 pm
It's a Monday morning

It's Monday the 12th & I have been married for 7 years today. And how would I describe my marriage - personally, I think that there's a lot of room for improvement (in both of us) but what I see & hear suggest that what I/we have is pretty much the norm in most marriages. So, does that make my marriage good? Taking into account that it's a mixed marriage, coupled with a 14 year age-gap & step-children in the mix, I guess that we have something good going. Yes, we have our bad days, very bad days & good days & brilliant days but so does everyone else & most any relationship, famiy,platonic, sexual ...
Re my earlier blog, after the initial wanting to meet other men, I am now quite resolved that it will only stay as email chats and coffee/drinks. There's something very compelling in honoring my marriage vows, even if I am unsure that he is. This marriage & the resulting family are good, & someone needs to hold it together. And my husband, our differences aside, is a great guy. So, maybe turning a blind eye to what may or may not be an affair (i really don't have the energy to find out the truth) is the best thing to do.
Further thought on this is required.
Why so thoughtful? Maybe it's the Christmas season, reminding one of God & family.

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