Feeling Very Sensual  

inheat03 48F
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1/23/2006 6:17 pm
Feeling Very Sensual

It's 9.30am & my cunt's muscles are only now relaxing enough for his cum to leak out.It was a great ride this morning ... I was very turned on when i woke up. Feeling very very sensual, enjoying the sensation of things against my skin, the bedclothes, pillows and his warm skin as he held me, his breath on my cheek.
Turned around & atarted to rub myself against him, enjoying the feel of him.
Needless to say, he responded pretty well. After an extended kissing, touching, stroking session, i climbed over him & his wonderfully hard cock just slid right in, I was soooo wet. Didn't take long for me to cum the first time, and i kept cumming as i continued to ride him. It was very intense, the sensations of his cock inside me, his hands touching me all over, his mouth kissing & sucking my nipples.
It was one of those never-ending orgasms,we just kept going for an eternity before he came, hot inside me.
Took me awhile before I even wanted to move off him.
Still feeling the after-effects of it, and the sensual feeling hasn't left, skin extra sensitive today. Gets me thinking about what i would like tonight

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