dear diary...  

ingenue29 41F
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4/16/2005 1:02 pm

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5/24/2006 10:17 am

dear diary...

dear diary,
i dont get it.
my profile says in black and white that i do not meet and have sex.
so why do people bother to talk to me if that is what they want.if you are one who want s to meet and fuck im sorry but that is not me.
i do not swing that way.
you are wasting my time and yours.
I am new here so alot of the lingo is still being learned. that is why my profile has been constantly changing.
i am trying to only attract men and women who agree with my way.( my way is talking to get to know each other the way people do when they meet outside of internet places)
if they agree with me then it more likely to have a happy ending.
and for me i do not have to have sex to have a happy ending.
just a good time which doesnt mean touching was involved.
this is the problem i am having on many of these kinds sites.understanding what most of you mean by 'good time' 'fun time' ' i want to get to know you'.
you all mean something different. some of you ask 'hey wanna meet and get to know each other'?
and i was all game to do so, then we find out that you meant lets meet and fuck and i meant lets meet, period.
i can not have online conversations with someone and KNOW what will happpen if we meet.
i do know that i am only wanting to meet.
who knows what will happpen.
i hate that question when you ask... what would you do if we met? i want to say how the fuck am i to know.
we could meet and god damn so many could happens and we could just say hey it was nice meeting you take care, see ya online. with no hard feeling b/c we didnt click.
i have many intersts and we may share the same intersts now lets see if we agree on more.
i mean to each their own but, it takes alot more for me to be turned on by you than just knowing your sexual intersts.the way you talk , carry yourself, handle a situation, pay the bill, drive your car, smoke, your total package is what turns me on. for me the minute you say hello starts the foreplay, forplay doesnt start when it it gets to sex.
foreplay is seduction , seduce me by getting to know me.
i get instantly turned off when the conversation is all about you figuring out what i would do if we did meet.
i am not interested in you anymore b/c you are looking just to meet the ppl that you KNOW will fuck you. and that is great im not hatein it is just not me.
i am here b/c i want to find ppl who share my opinion and interests.
anyways so done bablin now .
now i need to smoke!
any opinions?
any comments you can give to help me reword my profile so i attract more of what iam looking for?
what have i wriiten inmy profile that is misleading?
thank you .

devilinchains 40M

4/16/2005 3:39 pm

i think your profile is pretty clear . you'd have to be pretty thick not to get what you're saying. i guess we're just primitive creatures, us guys.

i'm really adamant in my profile about the fact that i don't want emotional stuff, but i probably should edit that to say i would like to be friends, or at least friendly, with the people i meet. i guess i kind of see some of myself in what you're ranting about, tho i'm nowhere near as blatant. it's tough trying to break the ice with somebody in real life where the rules are pretty well defined, but here i have NO IDEA what the "ettiquette" should be.

you've given me some things to think about. i respect that you want someone to treat you as a human, not just a hole in a wall. hope you have better luck in the future

rm_Smile_My_Way 59M
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6/19/2005 5:47 pm

I think your profile is pretty clear, too. I guess some guys think more with their little head than their big head. I was told once that GOD didn't give man enough blood to run both heads at once.

I think I make my point clear in my profile too.

supersizewoman 37F
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8/20/2005 2:59 am

i'm pretty new to the site too. the reason i joined this site was because i didn't have success with any other sites, i'm an ssbbw and whenever i joined other sites no one would write. But when i joined this one, i got sooo many responses that i had to change my profile to let guys know i'm just looking to get to know a guy...but somehow guys just don't seem to understand that....they all just write saying we should have a "GOOD TIME"! and when i politely decline, they get all nasty. i'll keep waiting for that one guy who will write and say he just wants to know me.

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