Seduced By My Boss!!  

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10/2/2005 2:28 pm

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Seduced By My Boss!!

I worked at a financial firm for a couple of years to help pay for college. It was an easy job that I performed well but in my mind I was only there to pay the bills. My manager was a petite, very attractive 29 year old female, lets say her name is Tonya. She was married with 2 kids and it seemed to me that she was professional all of the time. Well this was not the case to be. At first she started to flirt with me little by little. It started with smiles and certain comments. Comments like you look good in that outfit, or it looks like you have lost weight. The it proceeded to light touching. Tonya would brush by me so that her large "D Cup" tits would barely brush my shoulder or my back. One day at lunch she planned that she would take her lunch the same time as me. We sat in the break room together eating our lunch and she would put her hand on my leg. Next she would purposely fix her panty hose right in front of me. She would prop her leg up so that I would have a good view of her panties and all that lies beneath. Well this type of behavior would go on for a couple of weeks. The one day she asked me to stay late after hours and help her count the vault. The bank was getting ready for the Brinks truck to come and pick up the weekly shipment of money. Well Tonya wore to work this day a very short black skirt that rose right before her knees. A cute V-cut top that showed off her perfectly round tits. Even after her 2 kids she was still a very hot milf. Well Tonya and I locked the doors to the bank branch and set all of the security alarms. We than entered the vault and opened the smaller safes to gather to money to be counted. Tonya had to bend down to punch in the combo. When she did she squatted down to reveal a very sexy black thong that had a butterfly on the top. It was sexy as hell. Well Tonya purposely kept looking up at me to see if I was enjoying the view. I was caught red-handed each and every time. And I would return her smile. Not only could I see her thong but I had a direct view of those luscious tits. I was trying to compose myself when she lifted up the stacks of money from the vault. The two of us divided up the money and started to count the larger bills. Tonya would made a comment that she would love to fuck over a couple 100K dollars. And that we should not let this opportunity go to waste. I could not contain myself after she told me this and I had a raging hard on. She quickly saw this and walked right over and grabbed my cock. She told me that she has been wanting this moment ever since I was hired for this job. Tonya and I began to kiss each other passionately for a little while. I removed her top to enjoy her full breasts. I slid one of her tits free and tried to put the whole thing in my mouth. She then let out a very soft moan from excitement. Tonya then reached around and undid her bra and threw it onto the vault floor. She undid my belt and pulled my cock out from my boxer briefs. She smiled and told me to enjoy all of this. Tonya dropped to her knees and pulled my pants and briefs to the floor. She slowly started to suck my cock from the vault floor. She would carefully lick the tip and the sides of my cock. She was able to take all of it into her mouth. She then would remove my cock from her mouth and rub the head of my dick gently over her nipples. While doing this she told me to remove the straps from the money and throw the cash all over the vault. I did this without hesitation. Tonya began sucking my cock to no end. She could tell that I was about to cum and begged for me to cum all over her tits. I blew my wad all over her large breaths. She reached down and picked up a 50 dollar bill and wiped it off. For some strange reason I thought this was so damn hot. She stood up and dropped her skirt to the ground. I quickly stepped out of my pants and she lied on the floor on top of the disoriented cash. I tried to remove those sexy black thongs but she would not have it. She begged me to pull them to the side and fuck her right then and there. I slid her thongs to the side and slid my cock deep into her wet pussy. She let out a huge moan and told me she had thought about this moment for a while. I began to fuck her real deep and hard. She thrust with all of my movement. She would buck and meet me half way. She was about to cum for the first time and dug her nails deep into my back. I could feel my skin tearing but it felt awesome at the same time. She screamed with excitement and told me to fuck her harder as she screamed. I could feel the muscles in her stomach begin to spasm as she came close to orgasm. Tonya then began to bite her lower lip and told me that she was cumming. Her orgasm sent her over the edge. We both collapsed and I rolled off from on top of her and lied there on top of all of the money. I then proceeded to reach for my boxers and tried to put them on. Tonya would not have this and told me that she wants to lick me clean. Tonya licked both of our juices from my cock. I was quickly hard again and she began to smile. Tonya stood up and walked to the back of the vault and bent over the rolled change we keep in boxes. She flipped her brunette hair to one side and told me to quit delaying and fuck her doggy-style. I walked directly over to her and began to tease her with the head of my dick. She told me that I was boot playing fair and told me to fuck her now. I rammed my cock into her and we both were in extacy. I pulled on her hair from the back and she loved it. I love watching my cock slide in and out of her from behind. We continued this for about another 10 minutes before we both finished at the same time. She told me that this was something we were going to do often from here on out and that I should be prepared. It was getting late and we still had the vault to count. We gathered up the money and began to count but did not get dressed. We both enjoyed the sire of our naked bodies. Right before it was time to lock the vault, she smiled at me and took my cock into her mouth for one last time of pleasure. She told me this time she wanted to taste what I had to offer.

Please wait for the next story, where we fucked each other on her office desk.

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10/2/2005 9:54 pm

VERY HOT .. but good advice from Chris

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