Rocky Marciano and things...  

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5/29/2006 8:58 pm
Rocky Marciano and things...

Defying the odds and being all he could be made Rocky Marciano the greatest Heavyweight Champion of all time. He fought one of the greatest Light Heavy Champions of all time, Ezzard Charles, when Rocky weighed in at around 190 lobs.

Rocky Marciano's defeat of Ezzard Charles makes Marciano a slugger and a boxer. Beating Charles to the punch and hitting Jersey Joe Walcott with a shot to the jaw that was heard round the world, made Marciano a king.

So, whets that got to do with anything conected to

To be a champion To defy the odds and defying glamour is what we're all about. We try to get the job done. Perhaps, not always graceful. Clumsy and akward, we enter the ring of passion and bob and weave in the hopes of being the best at what we do and who we are.

In matters of romance, economics, culture, the arts and entertainment, it's not always the perfect pretty boys and girls who succeed. Sometimes, with just raw courage and persistence, we win the belt-the gold. We often smile at what we accomplish and some of us hit the lotto. Not all the time. Not always. But, we go out on a limb and reach for the forbidden fruit.

Rocky loved roadwork...roadwork! Roadwork is boring...It's like watching grass grow or cement sit. With never a loss as a professional boxer, with 49 straight wins, Marciano dominated the fight game and often looked like the looser from all the blood, sweat and bruises he suffered during a fight. But,he won. And, thats what counted to Rocky. Winning.

And, for those of us who refuse to fight the good fight, the war to end all wars, nothing is gained as nothing is attempted. The fruits of victory remain on the branch, intact, waiting for the next challanger to give it a try. Someone will. Not today, not tomorrow, but eventually.

And, he/she will become successful and be the next Heavyweight Champion of the World in matters of love and romance. With the fruits of victory in hand.

Standing at the ready, with my robe off and my gloves all tied on, I eagerly await the bell for round one...The bell sounded. Here we go...

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