Don't Call Me, Ismael...  

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6/11/2006 5:38 pm

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Don't Call Me, Ismael...

I am not interested in the definite but rather the infinite. Language is great, but so is music, theater and the perfroming arts. Not interested in the white whale or Captain Ahab.

What interests me is the gray area. As in gray cells. To redefine what we already know is boring. I am convinced the earth is round, maybe not a perfect circle, but round. But, I am not convinced about love and romance.

And, that's where we begin. Everlasting love, not definite lust which too often results in a breakup or eventual seperation between two people. The new and exciting experience about discovery and growing. Without the hopeless romantics of the world, we all might as well join the Flat Earth Society and deny our personal needs and concerns.

Imprimus...It all begins with a spark, a hope, a dream and climaxes into that wonderful thing called love and trust. There's no need for any head games or 'one upmanship' between two people. Just the Adam and Eve of it all. A beginning.

Sounds crazy. Perhaps!

How does anyone define love and trust?...You don't. You live it in the great oceans and wonders of life without relying upon being told. It's exciting. I'll know it when it all happens. I don't need instructions or directions from a non-existant book on life, where I would have to go to page 5, third paragraph from the top, to find an answer. So, please...

Don't call me, Ismael.

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