i'm tired ...  

ineedabodypillow 42M
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3/21/2006 10:08 pm
i'm tired ...

completely tired of feeling perverted..
sick of the flirting,
the constantly eying every female pair of legs that walks the earth..
the touch of skin to skin,
the empty pockets of strip clubs,
the slaps from being to forward,
and the wonderful response that no man wants to hear " yes, SIR"
i'm tired of being hungry for the heat that only another can provide..
poor is the man who's happiness comes at the request of another..

So with this.. I bid you adios
syanara, good bye,

this world is too much for a affectionate man like myself to bear..

the smell of a woman is too overwhelming..
i can tell if your a real woman from a 100 yards away..
when i used to be in the air force people used to swear i could smell pussy and knew exactly where to go to find it..

but now the nose thats knows doesn't work as well anymore.. the punani runs at the thought of an older man.. even strippers don't look at me twice..

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