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8/2/2005 10:58 pm

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Theres this one female..
man everything she does reminds me of sex..
She works in this tent i frequent and to see her on the daily is like..
Null slience..
She says hi.. and i give a dead daydreamers 1000 yard stare everytime i'm around her.

So i'm sitting next to her @ breakfast..
I didn't really intend too it was just somewhere where i and my coworker could eat that wasn't that far from the tv set. I know what your thinking yeah right..

okay.. Shes a dirty blond, ehh, 5'7, c cup not thick.. not slinder but works out, doesn't seem like a fitness but but everyone here works out even for sheer boredom or to do something... I'm trying to find a word that catagorizes her she has a figure that like the girl next door.. everyday woman kinda figure.. i can't tell you the size.. she has that midwest.. slight freckles kinda pale..

3x propr to this i've been in awe struck...

#1 ... I saw her bent over while talking to one of my coworkers about a computer issue..
#2 ... I ran across her in passing while heading to the latrines..
#3 my all time favorite.. The invitational( i call it the invitational because she was sitting in this black leather high black office chair.. there she is in a t-shirt and some sweats but they look more form fitting then a typical rocky boaboa sweatsuit. with her legs parted. but feet together on the ledge. relaxing.. but turning around with her feet on the ledge.. Difficult to describe but all i could say is.. damn.. if i was any closer i would of sunk my head in her crotch and been in heaven..)

So okay where was i .. Now i'm supposed to be sitting on the side opposite from her on this long cafeteria table..
4 chairs each side.. her and her coworker were about to take the end.. where i decide to sit opposite.. giving her space.. and glory be she sits next to me..

Damn ...

so i gotta be cool..
I'm a 31 year old man ( but damn it i dont feel like it). I can't be ranting and raving like a lunatic.. some school kid shy of girls.. So i'm like fucking quiet..Didn't initiate any convo except for the mornings hi and how are you.. bullshit that everyone does and means almost nothing whatsofuckingever.. So i played it cool..
Tried not to ramble.. stayed focused on eating..
eat in portions instead of looking like a pig.. checked the breath to make sure i wasn't some firebreathing dragon fouling up the air with my sulfer like fumes.. (its been 10 hours of work and i'm a vampire.. Nightshift so your breakfast is my dinner.. ) and yet i found my self yet again.. stroking to the north south east and west over this woman..

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