Valentines vs romance....  

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2/15/2006 1:47 pm

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Valentines vs romance....

Well Bloggers, Valentines day is here and gone...I am glad it is over with.

I finally got a little (and I stress little) action over the holiday. I had about a 15-20 min window to have my fun. That is so ridiculous, I worked very hard on a gift that I made just for her (I am an artist), put about 5-6hours in to hand crafting a very unique gift that she fell in love with, and that is all I got. It made others jealous at the thought of it, got a few offers .... hmmmmm .... should have taken them up on it.

So Mechanically (I do not mean with tools) I got laid for the first time in 2006, But the emotion and the enjoyment and all the things that make romantics like me do what they do was not there.

You should not feel dirty and disappointed with your own spouse!

All night I snuggled up close, and all the good things I could do... she sat there with arms crossed and legs tight. It really sucks because she has it in her to be so SEXY!! She has been in the past, but something has died in her, something inside will not let the fun girl out anymore and I miss her......

Women Women everywhere and not a pussy to eat......

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