Hot Oral Sex  

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6/26/2006 3:38 pm

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Hot Oral Sex

Damn last night was fun....

We got to bed late after a few drinks on the couch. She took off for the bedroom while I walked into the kitchen...I quickly follow.

Crawling under the sheets she quickly spooned up to me and started playing with my nipples and rubbing my chest.

I rolled over and kissed on her enough to get her wet and then climbed on. We had no protection so I had to be carefully riding her bare back. When I got close, I dropped down and started licking.

She twisted and bucked and I rode it out with out missing a lick. When she climaxed and tried to push me away, I gently blew a cool stream of air across her wet pussy. after a few minutes I slipped in a soft lick and she would jerk in the pleasure of it. Then back to a soft breeze. slowly this play brought her back around and her hands slowly lost their stance and I put them back over her head as I slowly started another session.

I love it when her sex is wet and swollen with passion, heaving at my touch. I was determined to get my fill, so ,as I finished her off the second time, I felt her hands start to move and I grabbed them and held her down as I cooled it down again.

By this time I had pulled her to the end of the bed and my knees were on the floor. Then I started another session of slow kisses. Bringing up the heat and intensity as before. she moaned and groaned from such a primal place.

Again she climaxed with a loud moan and then as I licked her one last time she pulled away and laughing out of breath begged me to stop and fuck her. I rose up with her ankles in my hands and pulled her up a fucked her until I could no longer stand the pressure and I pulled out and with a few quick jerks...unloaded on her belly. She laid there motionless and panting. I stumbled into he bathroom for a towel and cleaned her off. She got back to the head of the bed and was out like a light.....

I was burning up and the heat was rolling off of me. I laid there naked in-front of my fan cooling off with her curled up at my side.

I think our session lasted for an hour or better, not real sure. but I lay there till 2:30 this morning before I could get to sleep. I was still hungry for another taste....

I guess we all have our addictions

Women Women everywhere and not a pussy to eat......

rm_DarknStar 54F
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6/26/2006 6:02 pm

I'm WET....oops...JEALOUS!

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