Drunk and rambling  

CopseAuralRunty 45M
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5/11/2006 9:54 pm

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5/12/2006 3:56 pm

Drunk and rambling

Well well well

what to say

have not been here for awhile
really drunk tonight and very horny, I have been watched lately so my time has been limited.

my wife busted me for talking to a girl that I was chasing...I have wrote about here too many times. I was honest about talking to her, by email. I do not care anymore.

she dogged on me for being needy tonight. Hell ya I am needy, oh well.

This probably does not make sense, I have drunk too much and it is to late to make sense....maybe more later.

Women Women everywhere and not a pussy to eat......

rm_DarknStar 54F
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5/12/2006 6:21 am

Well Baby, Sorry I missed you last night. and whatever happens in your little world, remember one thing!! I"M ALWAYS HERE for YOU!

I Miss You! I Miss our late night Chats! I Miss everything that we Share!

*HUGS* to ya...and maybe we can hook up later tonight! Ill keep my fingers crossed...

OK...now grab that sexy ass of yours and I think ME!

rm_DarknStar 54F
2823 posts
5/12/2006 6:24 am

OH by the way.......YOU are NEEDY.....Well to ME!

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