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10/10/2005 5:44 pm

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So, after a long day of work it I'm back home and checking the computer. And once again there seems to be no response from any of the emails I've sent out. I'm beginning to think that the ladies on here are either totally swamped with guys or just not really here for what they say they are. Probably a little of both. Of course, I'm trying to not consider myself a troll and that I have some kind of appeal to someone.

My question of the day is this: For those women that say they want an honest and normal guy, how do you figure out which inquiry to respond to. I know that if someone is "normal" they are probably not going to have a flashy email to attract attention. Those that do have a flashy email are more likely the BSrs that you want to avoid. So what is the deal. As many have asked on this site, What are you looking for?

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10/10/2005 7:07 pm

Women on here are looking for men that read their profiles. Many men just look at the pictures and never read the profile. When you send out a e-mail make sure the e-mail says something about what was in the profile...let the woman know that you really read the profile and have a interest in her because of what she had to say in her profile. Best of luck to you {=}

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