getting here, going where?  

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10/7/2005 11:49 pm

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getting here, going where?

So how do we all end up here? At AdultFriendFinder I mean. For each it mus tbe different. Some gorupings to be sure. My group? The husband that gets left behind. Sad but true. And that puts me about 23 years out of the dating loop. God I hate to see that. And am pleased to see it. But either way it is a new road now.

I had lots of time to ponder the goods and bads of the situation. The history part is is long and windy but I can say this. I was the best I could be and better than a lot. I prefer to look forward.

I'm just beginning to get a feel for all the freedom I had given up. The things I couldn't or didn't do because of the marraige. Well that is a good thing. And I'm working on which direction to go. That, of course, is the problem with freedom. No, direction is clear.

For now it is here to see what there is to see and experience what there is to experience. Any suggestions for getting out and what to do. Has to be something interesting for a solo person at first. But something that can grow to more. Open to ideas.....

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