Pictures of my junk.  

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4/17/2006 9:40 am
Pictures of my junk.

As many of you don't know, and could careless, I'm not quite working this site to it's fullest potential. Have I had any luck? Nope. Am I worried about it? Like the pope before Mass. I read everyones profile. Not all 24 million members but womens, mens, couples, women for woman and men for men. What a pain in the ass. No, I meant all that reading not the end of the sentence, two sentences ago. I want to see what they are saying and, more importantly, what they are not. I may not be making any love connections but I have found a new use for bubble warp. The sad truth is I cast out the lures but it just sits in the water, sinking, limp, like I am now. Of the few responses I am requested to send picture of my "junk". Now why in the hell is that important? I guess it's a turn-on.

I have to make some phone calls and try and track down a friend who might be willing to let me borrow their digital camera. That's right, I don't own a digital camera and I'll explain why further down the page.

Dang it, I'm a private person. I have a few select friends, and if my medication keeps running out I'll have even less and less. Pictures, camera, junk, friends. Most of them work during the days so it is the juggle of finding them, reminding them, picking it up and returning all within the parameters of both our schedules.

"Let me pick it up at your house," I say.

"No good, I'm going to the Mavs game tonight," they say.

"Leave it on your porch," Me.

"Someone will steal it," Them.

Me, "hide it."


Now are you beginning to see why I have such few friends. How in the heck do you get through life without having the problem-solving skills of securing a digital camera for a friend to find? It's as big as a pack of Orbit chewing gum.

Me,"how about if I swing buy and pick it up at your job?"

Them impatiently,"why don't you go and just buy one? They're like $50 bucks now. Just get a Web Cam."

Thinking to myself,"go F yourself." But I say,"I just need to take a few pictures. Please."

So I swing by and they forget to bring it. This follows a futile fencing or favors and forgetfulness. Finally, after weeks I procure the camera. Unfortunately, the request for pictures has taken so long that the invitations has been rescinded. But, I've got the gd camera so I might as well get the pictures and have them at the ready for future requests. I mean, I do want attention. I'm tired of keeping my sex life in hand.

I get up early the next morning and prepare. I take a bunch of nonsense shots just to figure out how the damn thing works. I'm ready. Jump in the car and take the laborious drive down I-635 for 11 miles to my storage unit. Punch in the security code and unlock the door. It's small but crammed full of junk. Click, click, click I take about twenty pictures of all my junk. I get home and edit them down to four good pics. Now whenever I'm asked for them I'll be ready.

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