Spit or swallow?  

in_nashville2 39M
6/14/2006 1:23 pm
Spit or swallow?

Yes, it's an age-old question that no doubt gets asked here alot, but it's still a fascinating topic to me because women seem so divided about it. My first girlfriend (who'd never done oral before) would swallow ever time -- what a trooper! My current booty-call says she usually ends up swallowing about half of it, but she runs to the bathroom and spits the rest out anyway. A friend of mine claims that she likes to suck cock more than any other sex act, but she can't stand to have cum in her mouth at all. I'm curious about why you finish up the way you do.
I swallow because it's yummy!
I swallow because it's part of the act; I don't like the taste, but I don't mind it either.
I think it's gross, but I swallow to please my man.
I'm a spitter because I hate the taste.
I spit it out, but not because of the taste.
None of the above; despite the fact that this poll seems comprehensive, I don't find an answer that suits me.

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