day 14 - Hes real sick... and i miss Him..  

imzadiS 49F
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4/4/2006 5:54 pm
day 14 - Hes real sick... and i miss Him..

*sigh* i cant give all the details but Mr Birthday has been down and will be down for another week at least... He is very sick... for those of You who actually do believe in the Big Guy upstairs we'd sure appreciate any word or two you'd send up for Him... yeah its that bad...

i was about to go stir crazy not hearing from Him over the last 24 hours and His sister found His lost phone under the car's seat and got in touch with Him to let Him know to get in touch with me...

if things go well and we pray they do He should be home this coming weekend... a nurse let Him use his workstation to email me to let me know what was going on.

before this happened He had told me He lost His phone through email and He had a dr appointment.. then it was nothing until a few minutes ago when i set His phone off texting it and then He emailed..

part of me feels relief that i know whats going on even though its not great news.. but the not knowing was killing me..

i seen a dr myself today... test test test then surgery... sheesh we will be taking turns taking care of each other i suppose

my daughter told me to tell Him it will be ok our family is addicted to tragedy isn't that a shame but it is so true... and we all support Him and wish Him a speedy recovery.

well now that ive cried and emailed and blogged now i must do the mommy thing and cook..

thanks in advanced for those who think of Him and wish Him well..

just justy

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