day 12 fall back....spring foward...did you remember?  

imzadiS 48F
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4/2/2006 7:59 am
day 12 fall back....spring foward...did you remember?

well some of us around the globe needed to set our clocks ahead.... i was warned did i listen nooooo so i was late taking my meds... i prolly woulda slept through it anyway, i stayed up all night talking on the phone. i think i justabout fell asleep on them *bad girl me* hehe

today is his birthday

so the pic today is for Him

He is really great and if things go well like id like them to, ill get to see Him today.
*crosses her fingers*

another story was accepted.. i haven't looked to see how well it has done yet. there is a new one being written as a spin off to an episode of one of the books stories.

*yawns n streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetches*

i so got to get moving or i will crawl in the bed and sleep!

huggles snuggles n kisses Birthday Baby!

n huggles for anyone else who wants one

just justy

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