Still day 11 and the girl was being naughty  

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4/1/2006 2:01 pm
Still day 11 and the girl was being naughty

i submitted this to the writing section and im sure like the rest itll get accepted.. but there was no place to put a photo to go with it.... and if they do (besides our profile pic) i dont know how to do it.. so im going to repost it here... then add the pic

Setting: The Master comes home for lunch... the girl was resting from doing her chores when He walked in and found her in their room.

Master hey you

girl hello Master

* Master grabs you

* girl gets grabbed and it almost wakes her up *giggles*

* Master gives you a mighty smack on your bare butt to wake you up

girl owie

* Master takes you in his arms, hugging you

* girl huggggles you tight tight

* Master grabs your hair, pulls on it, yanking your head back

* Master keeps you held like that with a fistful of hair in his grip... then kisses you deeply

* girl groans from deep within her throat.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm you are in a mood today aren't you Master...

* Master lays down, pulling you with him

* girl tumbles down with you.... looking at you

* Master licks your lips

* girl giggles

* Master tickles you

girl did You like my new lil blue nighty last night Master?

* Master thinks you should have been out of your blue nighty

* girl acts innocent.... when ?

Master all the time, *laughs* yes I liked it girl

* girl gets up really close and whispers teasing like a school girl..... if ya thinking ya gunna do it to me... do it and do it hard! fast and even harder!

* Master looks at you

* girl looks seductively back and licks her lips

* Master plays along with his pet, I wonder just how little this young girl is

* girl grins and gets up close.... looks up at You... why don't you try her out and see for yourself

* Master bops your nose

* girl laffs

Master how old are you, young lady?

girl old enough to know better, too young to forget, and just right for you

* Master smacks your bottom

Master answer my question

* girl gets up off the bed and on to her tippy toes.... im a grownup 18

Master are you now *chuckles*

* Master gets off the bed and grabs you by your ear

Master and you are pretty naughty

* girl owiie

girl yeeahh but you know you like it

* Master holds you by your ear and smacks your butt again

Master I'll show you what happens to naughty girls

Master get naked!

* girl moans...awww is that all you got

girl nakid.......?

girl make me....

* girl taunts you raising a lil then lowering her shirt and swaying so her skirt sways with her

* Master slips his hand under your shirt and grabs your little tit, pinching it sharply

* girl groans..... mmmm that almost hurt

* Master pulls you closer

* Master looks into your eyes

Master if you want it to hurt, we can always go to the punishment chamber in the dungeon...

Master or you can get it hard and fast here *grin*

* girl looks up at you... i like it rough.... think you can handle... rough

* girl gulps.... nooooo punishment chamber though plzzz....

* Master laughs

Master that's what I thought

* Master grabs your shirt and rips it off you

* girl gasp and folds her arms in front of her...smiling teasingly

* Master grabs your arm and twists it painfully onto your back

* girl groans and keeps her arms behind her not resisting

* Master twists your arm a little more, unnecessarily

* girl winces... ouucchhh

Master take the rest of your clothes off

Master you can still use your other arm

* Master twists

* girl reaches behind her with her free arm and unhooks her small lace white bra and tosses it revealing her pert lil firm breast

* Master lets you take it off, then twists your arm again

Master now the rest

* girl uses the best she can her free hand to unzip her skirt and wiggles so it falls to the floor and then steps out of it leaving her standing now only in her white see through lace high thigh cut panties

* Master twists your arm so much you have to bend backwards

Master I didn't tell you to keep your panties on

* girl groans.. ok ok ok im going... what do you expect with one hand

* Master releases your arm for a moment

* girl hooks her fingers in the thin waistband and tugs and sildes down her panties.... reaching her knees they drop to the floor and she steps out of them

Master that's better

* Master grabs and twists your arm the other way, making you bend forward

* girl having no choice bends forward....

Master spread your legs

* girl spreads her legs....... mmmm now ya gunna give it to me?

* Master slaps you hard, his hand smacking into the tender flesh between your bottom and your pussy

* girl eeeps........ oohhhhhh

* Master takes your other hand, pulling it behind your back

* Master *click* your hands are locked into a pair of handcuffs that is always kept in the nightstand drawer

* girl moves her hand with you.....still feeling a bit of the sting..... her hands now cuffed behind her....

* Master gives you a light kick against your knees from behind, making you fall down to a kneeling position

* girl tumbles onto her knees.....

* Master pushes your arms upwards, forcing your face onto the carpet, bending you over

* girl feels the soft carpet touching her face... bending at the waist..... moans softly

Master stick your ass up, naughty girl

* girl drops her back a lil keeping her shoulders to the floor she raises her ass even higher in the air...

Master that's better

* Master runs his hand over your bottom

* girl stifles a soft moan

* Master *SMACK!* leaving a bright red hand print on your butt

* girl groans at the smack and the sting vibrating through her

* Master pushes on your back some more, rubbing you uncomfortably against the ground

* Master then you feel something warm brushing against your slit from behind

* girl feels her body being pushed into the carpet....making her ass more pronounced into the air...something warm against her...swallows hard

* Master rams his cock all the way into you with one rough thrust

* girl groans out loudly... ohhhhhgaaawddd yessssssss feeling spread almost split from your hard thick cock rammed into her

* Master groans as he feels your tight little cunt on him

* girl flexes and contracts around your hard cock... rocking back against it.....

Master you really are a naughty girl, aren't you?

* Master digs his fingers sharply into your hips, holding you and fucking you mercilessly from behind

* girl moans outs.... yessss i ammmm..... take me pleaseee!

* Master slams his hips against your butt again and again, fucking your young pussy, his cock pushing deeply into you, more than you ever felt before

* girl groans out loudly as you pound her driving your hard cock deep inside of her.... ohhhgggawwdddyesssss harrdder haarrrddeer

* Master pulls your arms up with one hand, forcing you to mash your face into the floor as he still keeps taking you from behind

* girl feels spread so wide so vulnerable so taken.... her body trembles and shakes...... ddooonttt sttopppgaawdd plzz donttt stoopp

* Master laughs at the horny girl and gives her what she wants and begs for... his cock, ramming into her again and again

* Master grabs your hips again, concentrating on his pleasure now... feeling it rise from his balls with each thrust into your tight hole

* girl moans and groans deeply and louder near screetches.... her wet hole feeling almost split..... filled and pounded harder and harder.... waves flood over her... her heart pounding out of her chest.... creamy wetness flowing down her thighs... ohhhhhhhhuummmmmmm..biting her lip down hard tasting a tad bit of blood...uuggggggohhh

* Master groans with pleasure

Master cum now, girl... I can feel you are ready!

* Master has his fingers digging into your tender hips, slamming you against him, making you fuck him

* girl screeeaammmmmss out in a deep groan from deep within her belly and releases flooding his cock with her juices..... milking him squeezing him as she peeks and drops and peeks again......ohhhgggggggggggaaawddohhhhhh...

* Master feels you twitch and clamp down around him, joining your moans

* Master moans louder

* Master digs his fingers painfully into your hips as he explodes, shooting his seed into you, groaning out loud in pleasure

* girl chest rises and falls as her heart pounds..her face still feeling the surface of the carpet... her inner walls contracting and milking you sucking every drop from you.... moaning out as the heat fills her mixing with her own juices...your moans causing her to shiver all over

* Master is still inside you, panting heavily, bending over you, feeling your naked body beneath him

* girl whimpers softly feeling spent and used and taken...... as she desired to feel.....your warm body a comfort over her...

* Master kneels behind you, up straight again... pulls you up to press your bare back against him

* Master has the naked girl in his arms from behind

* Master kisses your shoulders and neck

* girl feels him hold her from behind

* Master lightly bites your neck from behind, kissing you more

* girl moans softly

* Master rubs your belly gently

* girl leans on you whimpering softly....... thank You Master

Master feeling good?

* Master kisses your neck again

girl uh huh

girl more important, did You enjoy it Master?

Master of course I did

* Master bites your shoulder lightly

Master I always enjoy you

* girl smiles, you going to leave me in these cuffs all day?

* Master grins

Master why not?

* girl giggles

girl i wouldn't be able to do my chores or shop in handcuffs, might start questions, especially with the kids

Master laughs

* Master bites your shoulder a little harder while he releases the cuffs

* girl grinz you know i love it when you bite me Master

Master yes I do

girl and you don't have time for a repeat

* Master bites your neck sharply

* girl groans loudly.... gawdddd

(We called this - memorable moment, i often teased and taunted Him... this was the end result of His having enough of my taunting but hey, looks like i won too)

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