Mr Birthday....  

imzadiS 48F
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4/13/2006 10:49 pm
Mr Birthday....

gawd i thought it would be forever.. or at least it seemed like it.

looks like He maybe heading home soon... *yippeee*

i miss Him a lot.. ive slacked on being out here because ive been doing all them make me closer to a barbie then i am now procedures and test..before the big surgery.

i have a healthy heart but found out i have apnea and stop breathing when i sleep.... not surprising with the severe asthma i have...

maybe.... *thinking wonderfully delicious thoughts* ill wait until i see Mr Birthday then go on with the surgery... hmmmm

i got an email from Him and so cant keep a thought straight ever sense.. i miss Him a lot.. ive said that already haven't i? hehe

im pitiful right ?

looks like i miss Him and like Him or something

you think you can so click and fall for someone first day meeting? i mean email, talking, chatting too but the actual fist meet just warm tingly all over yern for them... go inside after the date wishing it never ended and wishing you had taken it further... impatient for the next time you see them?

going to try to sleep.. thinking of Mr Birthday...

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