Whip Me?!  

impqueen 54F
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1/5/2006 6:08 pm

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Whip Me?!

In the world of BDSM one must find someone that they can trust in completely. You aren't going to just let any Tom, Dick or Harry, take a cat-of-nine tails and whip you now are you?
I knew as I began to explore this optional lifestyle that I needed to find someone trustworthy. Someone I can allow to take control of my body and emotions and stop what they are doing at a moments notice. I have had several guys tell me that they so much wanted to whip me and tie me up. Nah--I just couldn't, thank you but no thank you.
Then he came along. My Dom...I didn't know it at first but as we began to talk and let down the walls, we discovered that yes this is what we were both looking for. Both novices, both willing to trust the other. He began to research it, read and read and read some more. Talk it over with me. I was excited.
I remember our first encounter was very simple. I laid on my back with my eyes closed listening to his every word. Following his every direction. "Don't speak, Don't make a sound. What is your safe word? Tell me again what it is." It was a wonderful sensation to feel him rubbing his hands up and down my body. Whispering to me. Wanting to move and not being able to. It was a short scene that culminated in our union, our sharing of fluids, one orgasm...ah...it was wonderful.
We tried different things. Never anything I did not agree to. Always with a safe-word or signal. Only once had I had to use the safe-word. And he had me cut down even before the word had completely passed my lips. There was trust.
Then came the day...It was a beautiful fall day. The sun shone its golden rays through his bedroom window. I felt frisky... enticing and teasing him into giving me a spanking...yes that is what I wanted. I so wanted it. He had me stand spread eagle in front of the window holding onto the window frame. Feeling the warmth of the sun cascading across my naked body. I could feel him behind me pacing. I tensed in anticipation. When would I feel the sting of his hand? I wanted to feel it. My body tingled in anticipation. All the time he just talked to me. Then there it was the first strike. It stung. I moved involuntarily away from it. Then the next. ahh...it heightened my senses. He reached for the whip that hung next to the window. He let the cold of the whip glide over my naked body. Then there was the sound of the whip as it cut the air and the sting as it hit my bare back. Ah...now my body felt alive. I knew he would not hurt me. I knew there would be some welts, but I knew I was safe. I drank in each hit...my senses becoming more and more alert. I orgasmed as he brushed the whip across my pussy...zing... it sang, zing, again and again...across my back, then I felt his hot breath against my neck as he gathered my hair into his large palm...and he yanked my head back placing his lips full onto mine. His tongue eagerly searching mine. I sighed... my senses already heightened. He rubbed my arse...he placed his hands on my hips pulling me towards him...ah...he plunged his hard cock into my ass... I wanted it...I wanted all of it. He pounded my ass... fingered my pussy... I came in wave upon wave of orgasm. My juices flowing down my inner thighs. Ah...my body trembled. He asked permission to cum inside me. I gave it. oh my god-- how wonderful. I leaned back into him... my body going limp.

Yes, whip me. A whipping can be good. *wink*

TzarsAmuseChant 41M
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1/5/2006 10:35 pm

I'm glad you found some one who understands it's a gradual giving process. It's all about trust.

impqueen 54F
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1/6/2006 4:22 am

It is not what a lot of people think. It isn't all whips and chains. There is a bond, a trust, it isn't for everyone.

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