Sex is like a drug  

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12/30/2005 4:09 am

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Sex is like a drug

I have discovered sex is like a drug. Well I know, "duh" endorphins and all, but what I mean is sex builds upon itself. You can become a junkie. Needing to have more or take harder drugs to achieve the same effects. Take for instance you start out by going into chat rooms. Conversation inevitably turns to sex talk. Soon you discover cyber sex. It turns you on a bit. Gets your juices flowing. You find yourself spending longer hours on the computer searching for men to chat with, to turn on, so to speak. But you discover that is not enough there must be more. Oh yes, you discover the phone. You have a sexy voice, so you have been told. You know what to say and just how to say it. You begin to enjoy hearing the person on the other end cum. And you can't help but masturbate right along with them. But it doesn't stop there. Here is my story of my journey to the hard core sex...

It began just as I described above. I had been divorced for 2 yrs, celibate for 3. Yes I did say three. Divorce can have that effect on some. You have to remember I was a bit naive. I began dating a man(gentleman would be too kind of a word for him, jerk is more like it, but I digress). He and I had sex, very straight, very "vanilla" sex. It was a great run while it lasted, but he dumped me for bigger and I guess better things...Hers where much bigger than mine. Again I digress. Well that brings me to being on the internet. I did what I had told my children never to do, I went into a chat room. I figured I am an adult it would be harmless. It was like letting the fox into the hen house. I discovered I had a knack for chatting on line. It was fun. I got off a couple of times. Wasn't the first time I had to pleasure myself. Remember I had been married for 15 years to a man who found more enjoyment from his computer games than he did me. I enjoyed chatting on the phone with some of the people. But it just didn't seem to be enough. Then I discovered web cams. Oh what a basket of snakes that opened up. It started out innocent enough. A guy asking to see my breasts, me flipping them out. He jerking off to them. It was a high and I wanted more. Then it happened. One night I was chatting to 5 or 6 people, as I had found myself often doing as of late, enjoying the conversations. Hey it was the dead of winter, too cold to go anywhere, the kids off to the far reaches of the world, I needed to do something. One of the guys I was chatting with asked me to show him my breasts. He liked them, that I knew because we had cammed before. He had one of those rock hard bodies you only see in the movies. Just thinking about it gets me hot. Well one of the guys I was chatting with had been nothing but a gentleman- not to say we hadn't had our dirty talk because we had, but it was always clean dirty if you know what I mean- and I made a comment to him that one of the guys I was chatting with wanted me to take my shirt off and how glad I was that he had never asked me to show him my breasts. And there it was in black and white..."show me your breasts"...stunned? yes I was. But I thought- oh you don't think I will do it do you? Well you're wrong...I pulled that shirt over my head quicker than you could say sex...oh what had I done? Then there it was his response..."oh, oh my those are nice...oh my...yes very nice." The world seem to melt away at that point. I had forgotten there were five or six other men on, at that moment it was my gent and me. "Oh", I said, "so you like them?"-- "yes indeed I do. They are very, very nice.", he replied. I could feel my nipples hardening and the juices of my soul beginning to flow. Then there came that ding...who was interrupting me? It was my chat buddy from England who had started this whole thing. He wanted me to take my pants off something I had never done. So I typed my gent friend what he thought I should do. His reply was simple--take them off. So I to all who I had been chatting with. But now I was horny...and I took my vibrator from its resting place in my sock drawer and asked my gentleman friend if he wanted to see me use it. I could not be stopped now, the juices were flowing. It was as if I had stepped into another class of drugs, more hard core than the ones I had been taking before. There I was masturbating for him... and let us not forget the other five or six who were still in awe. Very quiet at the moment. I came, of course I did. In one wave after another. It was a high, one I had never felt before. Then the dings was like applause after a good performance. They had all liked what they had seen. Coming down from the high I suddenly became embarrassed, not sure what had made me do it. I said my good-byes quickly shutting off the web cam as I did. Then came the "you got mail" and a ding from my gent friend. There was a reward in my mailbox. I went and opened it. There was a picture of my gent friend with the largest hard on I had ever seen and the most mischievous grin across his face. The message he had sent "Now we are even."

I had tasted the next level--I needed something stronger...

impqueen 54F
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12/31/2005 3:53 am

Just hoping that I have not bored you with this one and the river. I will see if I can spice it up a bit.

CharsKyotoTalon 55M
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1/1/2006 6:15 am

very nice not boring at all. enjoyed reading it

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