Not your average woman  

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1/2/2006 9:09 am

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Not your average woman

I had been browsing on the site here one day a while back and someone caught my eye. Nice I thought. I winked. He winked backed. We chatted. We set up a day to meet.

I am not your average woman. I am shorter by several inches and plump in the right spots. Not your Twiggy/Anorexic babe. But I am easy on the eyes and am a great conversationalist. Never did I dream I would actually get to go out on a date with a tall, handsome man. I would have said dark but he was graying a bit at the temples which just added to his attractiveness.

We met for dinner. I drove myself there. Always the best way when meeting someone for the first time. At least you have your own get away car. Always selfconscious of my plumpness I was very nervous meeting him. But he soon put me at ease as nothing was expected tonight, just two people having dinner and polite conversation.

I learned he was divorced and had a couple of kids and even some grand kids. Or maybe it was just one grand kid. It just threw me for a loop as I thought this man wasn't old enough to be a grand dad. The conversation turned to my size. I knew it would. Reminded me of the guys on the football team in high school always going after the perky cheerleaders. But was I in for a surprise. He said that he was used to dating the tall, thin type of women, but that was his problem and was something he had to work through.

After I regained my composure and let the shock roll over me, we continued our dinner date. As with all evenings it had to come to an end. He walked me to my car, leaned over and gave me a kiss. What a wonderful kisser he turned out to be. We said our good-byes and went our separate ways. The evening was still young. My oldest out on his prom, my youngest at his dad's and my middle child away at a friends I turned once again to my old pal, the computer.

Ding--it was the gent I had just left, thanking me for dinner. And well one thing led to another and he said what was he thinking? The night was still young and we both had nothing else urgent to do why not get back together and finish the evening as it should have been. So I jumped back in my car and met him half way.

We drove around in his Jeep until we found a secluded spot. I had never really made out in a vehicle before so this was going to be interesting. God could he kiss. He knew right where to touch too. His hand cupping my breasts and tweaking my nipples.(I had taken the time to remove my bra and panties before leaving the house). I whispered to him that if he did it just right he could make me cum. He found the magic button. I gushed all over the front seat. His hand slipped up my dress and a finger found its way into my hot wet pussy. Then another and wave upon wave of orgasms began. His tongue and mine intertwining. God this was good. I wanted to please him. But he said he was good. Just watching me have pleasure was pleasure enough. There would be other times. (Shocked me yes--he did say other times, right?)

We drove back to my parked car. I got out of the Jeep, the back of my dress a little damper then before. The next day he commented that his Jeep had sprung a leak in the roof as seat was just a bit damp. *wink*

I guess you could say I turned out not to be your average girl. Sometimes bigger is better.

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