Random Little Thoughts & Updates....  

impish_pixie 54F
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3/9/2006 11:22 pm

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3/15/2006 5:04 pm

Random Little Thoughts & Updates....

1. Well...Today was my two, (yes..count them), two month anniversary as a NON-SMOKER! There were days when I really didn't think I'd make it, days when my nerves were so shot and my cravings, (mental only you understand), were enough to send me over the edge. But...I stood strong. Unfortunately...I traded my cigarette addiction for a chocolate addiction and have freaking gained 6 3/4 pounds. DAMMIT. Time to get over the chocolate. Think I'll suck on Hall's from now on.

2. For those of you who've read my previous post, I promised little updates about my daddy - I'd like to say that he is doing fine but he's actually been in the Hospital for the last two weeks. Seems his blood pressure can't seem to find it's way up the scale. This makes him very weak, and kills his ambition to eat or do anything that take the smallest bit of effort. We almost lost him and I was reminded again, (as if I needed to be), of just how precious he is to me. I'm headed to Carolina this morning, (if I ever get to bed!!), so that I can put my arms around his frail little body and just infuse him with love.

3. I'm also headed home because today is my Moma's 71st birthday. I also have a strong need to wrap my arms around her and just infuse her with love and strength....and even more...with a huge sense of respect and admiration for all that she has given me over the years, and for the incredible role model she's been to me when it comes to love. Though our lives were never the "Leave It To Beaver" kinda of sappiness...I know and understand how very lucky and blessed I am to have grown up in the shadow of their love for each other...and their love for us. My Moma is an incredible woman - and watching her deal with my daddy's disease, knowing that this disease will eventually take him from her - I am blown away by her courage, strength and never failing patience which would cause a lesser woman to run screaming for the hills.

4. It was in fact, the final straw for my sham of a marriage when I watched my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary and my heart realized that I would never have what they had, and I knew that I could no longer accept that. So I suppose I should add that to my profile - because I will never settle for less again. Do you know that every picture we have of them together has them leaning in towards each other as if they cannot stand to be too far apart. This has frightened me at times because my daddy's time here is limited, and I have worried that she will not wish to go on without him. Such is a love so strong that something as puny as death cannot touch.

5. While I'm home, my sister and I will be getting a tattoo together. Her first...my 8th. I'm very excited about it and will share that memory with you when I return. In fact...I plan to blog on my tat's pretty soon anyway and share the stories behind each one. Because of course...they all have one.

6. On my list of "fears" to face, I have so far accomplished 3 of them. My nipple is doing great and in another month I can actually trade my "bar" for a pretty ring. Can't wait. My ex no longer believes me to be someone he can intimidate, in fact, he's learning quite painfully that I can do a bit of intimidating myself. I issued an invitation to people whom I'd never met and it was not only accepted, but one of the best times I've ever had. (Though I will still defend my driving abilities, and I will also vehemently proclaim that luke69iner is a SWEET man.) ANd...Safira really does do the whole Sanford Perm Marker Smelling thing - which when you think about it might be the reason I suddenly stopped in the middle of the road...I mean shock will do that to you. (and to be fair...it might also have something to do with the 6 deer who were on the side of the road...)

7. Maggie and Ava are doing wonderfully - Maggie sends her love to blogland, and well, Ava just wishes Maggie would play with her.

So that's it. That's a quickie update. Life is good as I head to bed to dream sweet dreams of Spring and all that she brings. Blessed Be!

I make mistakes, I am out of control & at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. ~Marilyn

tillerbabe 55F

3/9/2006 11:44 pm

Great update Sister Wind! Things actually look rather bright from your magical perspective. Yes, Blessed be! {=}

BTW: Loved the Marilyn imitation in Mike's BLOG...it made me laugh cuz you know what??? He called me on my birthday and did his best impression of the same....LOL! You should have heard it!!!

rm_mtnravyn 60M
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3/10/2006 5:06 am

Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air. John Quincy Adams

That may be true at the physical level, but the emotional and spiritual aspects of our experience allow us to either grow or wither. Sounds like you have chosen to grow. May the obstacles on your path never be so great your perseverance will not overcome.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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3/10/2006 6:36 am

You are strong, I woud love to quit smoking but right now I would just settle for cutting down.

kyplowboy22 61M

3/10/2006 6:43 am

Well, be careful and hurry back. Life just ain't the same without you to pick at, so hurry home. I got a backlog of aggravation for you. lol


JudeL5 46M
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3/10/2006 7:35 am

rm_DaphneR 58F
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3/10/2006 8:45 am

I hope you enjoy your visit, we'll keep your spot warm.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

Fallic40 53M
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3/10/2006 9:45 pm

Have a safe journey home. We will see you when you get back.

Say hi to Moma for me and the girls, and give my best to your dad. When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

rm_spatswilldo 60M/60F

3/11/2006 7:08 am

Congrats on the non-smoking thing.....10 years for me. Wish I had quit way sooner. And with regards to you and your Mom and Dad....let's just say....Hug em' if you got em' .........I am going to post some lyrics on my blog later today of another song I wrote some time ago called "One Thing" please stop by later and check it out....then tell our friends......................S.

_Safira 53F
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3/11/2006 7:43 am

Love you, Sister Wind ... You know Moma, Daddy, Sis, and family have my love, too. Tell Maggie I'm still waiting on my collar. Tell Ava I'm saving my yarn for her. And I cannot WAIT to see the new tattoo!!! Sister Fire

P.S. You can vehemently defend your driving skills all you want ... ONCE you actually take a defensive driving course!!!

P.P.S. Congratulations on the non-smoking. I am SOOOOOO proud of you!!

This is my blog - Comes With Warning Labels. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

RECOMMENDED READING: A F F ... The Only Site For Me?

rm_goddess1946 105F
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3/12/2006 11:36 am

Safe travels, again.........
see you next week for dinner and
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy we can sit
in the NO SMOKING section where*ever we be eatin'!!!

Applause for all of the steps you have taken and
continue to take, Sister Wind...always {=}

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

impish_pixie 54F
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3/12/2006 8:45 pm

Tills honey! - I always try to look at things through a magical perception...life is too short. (I'm SOOOOO glad that somebody GOT that...I wondered. LOL )

mtnravyn - Growing. Yes. I refuse to be impeded by mere obstacles - and more importantly, I refuse to live without a constant sense of hope. Some would call me naive...I can live with that.

Saint - The mental craving was far worse than the physical cravings, but the more days I put under my belt...the easier it becomes. Should you decide to take the leap...let me know - I'll stand on the bottom and pick you back up.

KYP - I know you missed me...poor Marti. Back now...bring it!

Jude - Hi darlin...where ya been?

Daph - Thanks hon...you guys are so sweet to me. (Well except for old grumpy) LOL

Dys - Thanks sweetie. Hope your weekend was a wonder-filled as mine. We'll have to compare.

Fallic darlin...I have this feeling that you ALREADY are much like him. (Why do you think I like you so much???)

Spats...Stopped by - checked it out - great song. Would love to hear the music too...

Safira...ok...I'll take a ddd course if you'll go to Marker's Annoyomous...(GIGGLING PROFUSELY).....but thanks hun you know I really luv yer guts...

MzHuny - Thank you so much...your prayers are much appreciated.

Goddess - Yea...I'm getting kinda fond of the "NO SMOKING" section. LOL. Who knew? Thank you for your massive support. You really are an awesome woman. See ya this week...

I make mistakes, I am out of control & at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. ~Marilyn

rm_spatswilldo 60M/60F

3/13/2006 8:59 am

when I finally stop procrastinating and get the boys into the studio mood .....I would be happy to send you some of my stuff...just don't think that thissite will support it............S.

rm_spatswilldo 60M/60F

3/13/2006 9:19 am

Out of a labido tainted curiosity, I went back and read some of your previous posts to others (sort of a literary voyeurism) and I have come to the conclusion that you and Saint are two of the wittiest wenches I have met so far....................S.

impish_pixie 54F
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3/13/2006 8:10 pm

Spats...wow...that's a hell of a compliment. I appreciate it very much. She is one of my favorite bloggers...I love her humor.

I make mistakes, I am out of control & at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. ~Marilyn

MaggiesWishes 59F

3/14/2006 10:27 pm

Pixie ~`
Where the 'samhill' ya been? I know, the winds have carried you away, again.
Have a great visit and journey with the folks.
Come visit soon
warm huggies

climbmelikeatree 47M
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3/15/2006 9:51 am

I only had a moment, read only this post, feel almost like I know you a bit just from a single read! Take Care!

impish_pixie 54F
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3/15/2006 5:04 pm

Maggie darlin - Winds have been very strong lately - but that's no excuse and I know it. Wish I could say I'd been up Sam's hill...but...nope. Thanks for reminding me...(btw - you not on the "smiley" place anymore??)

Climb...Thanks hun for dropping by - but you didn't answer my question.....

I make mistakes, I am out of control & at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. ~Marilyn

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