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12/16/2005 8:44 pm

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I was wondering

i was talking to a girl about tattoos the other day and we were showing of our stuff...she has one on her lower back it was musical notes and some otherthings it was pretty cool...so I tell her that"that is some of the coolest doggystyle scenery I have ever seen"...she looked at me shocked like huh???honestly it is one of my favorite places for a girl to have a tat...and I explained to her that there is nothing better than hittin it from the back and having something to look at...she said that she thought it was wierd that I called it that but then agreed with me that it is a proper name for that kind of tattoo...what is ur opinion on the subject...am I just a retard or do girls get that tat with that in mind???I dunno???


1/29/2007 2:45 am

Girls get that tat because every other girl has it. Any girl that wants a tat and has been too chicken to get one, when she decides it's time, she goes for the safe spot. Most women who only have one tattoo have it on their lower back. A tattoo artist I knew called it The Target.

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