the movie's  

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10/20/2005 8:43 am

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the movie's

by the title of this sum of yall might think this is about a movie or movie's i've,wow
how funny.but hey i do watch movie's na.
especail if there horror,or action,drama is gud but only if am with a gurl,but back to wat i was sayn.the movie's si more excitein than ppl think ya!!!! the thngs i do in a movie take for instant last year,i cut a movie in a movie if u get wat am sayn.if not jst an my best friend went to the mall cuz there was nothing to do at that moment.
we there walkin around lookin to see if we could pick up sum girls,since there wasnt nothing else to do.then bam rite in front of us two girls,one with a baby wearin tight jeans an a revellin tight shirt.the other wearin a really short sqirt
high heels,with a shirt with her back out.
we persue them first thought they was leavein fa home but we continue.start talkin etc ask them if they would like to watch a movie we would pay for them.we went got the tickets but the girl with the baby that like my friend had to go so it was jst me him an the other girl in the short skirt.we where watchin braid of chucky it go's on my friend try to make his move i watchin da movie.
she jst keep staerin my eye's the whole time.
she said she like me not my friend but my friend buy her ticket so i didnt want to make a move on go's on an on thngs got pretty hot really quick me an her start kissin an feelin up each other then my friend join in.we had that girl fa chalks in the movie.we were feelin her up suckin on her breast the whole nine's where it become's more fun,decided to walk her was night that was the respectable thng to do.
man we buy condoms on the way.i fuck that girl on the side of the road in sum bushs,twice i fucked her till she say she couldnt take any more.i was still fuckin her,stop juicein me an my frined had big fight cuz he didnt get any not even a blow job.we cursed each other but we come to our sense that girl was nothing fa us to fight over,i fuck her the same night i meet her.
thngs was like that for like couple months but we only feel the other girls up an suck on there breast.they stroke us off etc but we didnt get to fuck them but hey i'm not complainin at was fun man i even fuck a girl in the movie's ppl.
think about it the movie's can be fun but it depends an who u go with right.

sex is nice if u get to fuck,but sex is great when u do it with sumone u care about.wat u say bout that/


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