My first anal experience  

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6/19/2006 6:30 am

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My first anal experience

sliding my hands over her body, up her top, to her tits, as i played with her nipples.
Then kissing her on the lips and pulling her top up and over her head then kissing her neck.
Licking her nipples and sucking, then blowing as my hand touched her knee. I feel her hand wondering now, across my stomach.
Lightly running my finger tips up her thigh, inside, as i approach her crotch, i can feel the moisture.
As my index finger touches her panties i feel hers inside my pants, grasping my hard cock, and i confirm my thoughts of how i am turning her on, as her panties are soaking!
As passion and lust mounts i find myself with two fingers inside her and hand stroking vielently on my cock now without the cover of my pants!
As we bring each other closer to orgasm, our kisses get harder, faster, more frequent, and start to wonder.
I kiss her neck, shoulder, and move to take her breast once again, but being denied with her movement to my rock hard length.
She took it in her mouth and teased the head with her tounge, before taking as much as she could inside her mouth knowing how much i love it when she deep throated me!
before i could get out "fuck ur genna make me cum!" i simply grabbed her hips and flipped her over so she was laying face down on my bed.
I now had control. And i planned to use it! I ran my toung up the inside of her thigh to her sweet tasting pussy, where i could send her crazy... Payback!
My hands found themselves on her ass cheeks, deviding them, so i could tease her clit with my toung.
It would have only been 5 minutes of clit flicking, sucking, fingering, and teasing before i got told "oh babe just fuck me!"
With that i kissed up her back to her neck, and as my lips touched hers, i slid my throbbing cock inside her soaked pussy, feeling her lips stiffen as she takes me inside her.
I had often done this to her because it sent us both crazy and it usually wasnt long after where we would both collapse in an orgasmic heap!
But this day, while i was fucking her slowly, my cock came out of her and as i went to slide it back in i found her a lot tighter all of a sudden. I knew what was happening now because i fealt her tense up underneith me all of a sudden!
She looked up at me with a glint in her eye, and just nodded, and proceeded to take her hand and place it on her clit.
I quickly lubed up, and slowly pressed the head of my cock on her ass hole, and as she pushed back up at me i could feel my cock sliding slowly into her tight ass. For the first few strokes i only went shallow, realising what pain i could easily create. As the mood changed from unsureness, to explosive feelings growing inside, i started to thrust deeper, and quicker, with every thrust, stopping every few strokes to make sure all was still ok, untill one stroke. On this strike, i fealt her ass thrust back onto my hips, hard, pushing my whole length inside her ass. At the same time telling me "baby fuck me hard i wanna cum hard with u in my ass".
So i abliged as i fealt her taking herself over the edge with her fingers, feeling her ass tense so hard around my cock that i cant move! Finally i feel my cock being loosened from her grip, i thrust again, and her whole body just tensed up underneeth me with her squeeling!
She was cumming harder than id fealt her cum before! And with each thrust she would scream out again! After about the fifth or sixth thrust i was on edge myself, i told her this, and to my surprise, i fealt her thrust her ass back onto me as hard as she could! Pushing me back, making her cum, and sending me over the edge of no return!! I was cumming like id never cum before! As her ass untensed and with me goind backwards, i slid out of her ass as i was blowing my huge load up, and all over her back!

I cant tell you much else as i fell back and blacked out for a moment, coming to in my babe's arms, with cum, sweat, and juices everywhere!

angelofmercy5 58F
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6/19/2006 7:07 am

Sounds like it was all good!

imcurious1987 29M

6/20/2006 5:31 pm

yeah, it was absolutely mind blowing! but i havnt had the pleasure since

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