The grass is cut on Tuesday  

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1/16/2006 2:04 pm

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The grass is cut on Tuesday

Tuesday is date night with my wife.

We went to our usual spot for dinner, drinks and conversation.

As we began loosening up with red wine I asked her about her day. She gave me a look of embarrassment and hesitation. I asked her again playfully to share with me how her day went. To my surprise and to my fantasy fulfillment she began her story.

For the last year, Tuesday is gardening day at our house. The gardener always had an assistant and, as you can image, the 'hired help' always seemed to change. Well, for about the last month a new guy, a helper, was coming around with the gardener. My wife went on to tell me that this young man was very attractive and had a great personality and a flirtatious way about him. So for the last month, while the gardeners were out doing their thing in the backyard my wife would lay on the couch in our formal sitting area of the house and masturbate while she looked through the one-sided glass. Our home faces west and the sun shines bright in the afternoon so we had installed some reflective film on the west-facing windows to cut down on the heat.

I licked my lips and I listened to my wife explain how she had begun this ritual. At first she had stared at him through the glass and imaged his hands moving over her shoulders, breasts and stomach. As she became wet from these thoughts she began playing with herself through her clothing. She unbuttoned her pants, drove her hand down into her panties and began playing with her wet pussy, never taking her eyes off her new object of sexual desire.

I had to catch my breath after hearing of this erotic behavior when she continued further. From that Tuesday forward her risk-level increased. The following Tuesday came and again the new young man showed up. They exchanged smiles and an extended stare. It was becoming clear to both of them that they were mutually attracted to one another. This Tuesday she had dressed in one of her 'fuck me' outfits. Black lingerie with a high neck and plunging V cut, showing her shapely hips. She again laid on the couch and stared out the window at her 'new man'. This Tuesday she had greater access to her body and began to play with her swollen tits and wet pussy through her negligee. She told me how she came with a rush and moaned aloud. Again, never moving her eyes from her Hispanic love interest.

I was spell bound. I wanted to hear more. She asked me if what she was telling me upset me and I encouraged her that no, I was enjoying her unexpected sexual behavior. Go on I said.

The next Tuesday produced further risk. This time she wore her ultra short terry cloth robe around the house and again greeted her object of desire with a warm hello. It was a very warm day so, in her skimpy robe, my wife went into the backyard and presented the two men with cool drinks. She wore her high heels outside, accentuating her long, smooth legs. She caught the young man staring at her breasts, which were slightly exposed through her robe. As she turned, she could feel his eyes burn into the back of her. Watching the curve of her ass just out of view. She smiled to herself. With warmth rushing over her body, she re-entered the home and went directly to the couch. She opened her robe. She was completely naked. The young man was in the backyard and after seeing my wife looking as sexy as she did in that robe he began to look through the window into the formal sitting area. My wife told me that on this particular day it was as if he could actually SEE her, laying on the couch, totally naked, playing with her body and pretending that the finger inside her cunt was that of this beautiful man. He was watching, but could he see her? She didn't care if he could. She wanted for him to see her. She wanted him to see how much his presence affected her. As he stared at her, she got up from the couch and approached the window. Standing there, completely naked and vulnerable to his gaze, she began to dance and sway. She had her finger inside her pussy and her other hand supporting the underside of her breast. She had a massive orgasm and cried out so loud that she was sure that he had heard her. Through the glass she saw him smile. He HAD seen her! A rush of pleasure passed over her. She was not embarrassed. She was in her element. An element she had never approached before but was enjoying now.

My cock was rock hard as I stared at my wife from across the table. What a horny little mistress I had. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to take her into the restroom and fuck her inside the women's stall. I wanted her to cry out like she had done for this young, muscular man that visited her every Tuesday. I wanted to hear more. "What happened today? I asked.

Her faced reddened. “Please tell me,” I begged.

Today she wore an outfit that she had purchased only a day prior. A special gift to herself for her Tuesday with the gardener. I had never seen the outfit but she described it. Fish net stocking with garters, slutty black high heels with a collar around the ankle, a spandex top that showed every curve of her breasts and a collar. It sounded incredible. She put this on and covered herself with a short black silk cover up that just covered her ass.

She had expected to see the two men come through the side yard as they always had but instead the doorbell range. She was startled at first. How could she answer the door in this slutty out fit? What if it was a neighbor? The gardeners never rang the doorbell. She peeked around the corner and through the front window saw HIM standing there. ALONE. Her heart raced. She walked to the front door and opened it. Without a word, he entered the home. He shut the door behind him and grabbed my wife around the waist. He began nibbling on her neck. She threw her head back and gave in to his advances. She was wet with desire. He was even better looking close up. “Am I on your ‘to do’ list today?” She purred.

With that, he pushed her slowly back on to the carpeted stairs and began kissing her body. She tried to encourage him to take her upstairs, to get completely naked and fuck her like the animal she was but he continued with his teasing tongue. Little by little she moved up stairs with him continuing to advance on her body, with animal desire. As they reached the landing area, he turned my wife over and entered her from behind. She was unable to resist. They would not make it to the bedroom today. They’d fuck right there on the stairs.

Every Tuesday evening we continue with our date nights and every Tuesday I learn more and more about the multiple sexual encounters that my wife is having with other men…

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1/16/2006 2:36 pm

Ummm....need any help in the garden? Where do I apply? LOL

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