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1/17/2006 1:22 am

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Hmmmm Just another thought

Define a Blog, what is in a Blog, why a Blog, who's a Blog?
Am I a Blog? Are you a Blog? Is the person beside you a Blog?
Hmmm? To think what we have come too. In the past few years we have come from snail mail to brun programs on ancient computers that are not even considered as paper weights, with plastic floppy disks. Most of the people can't even remeber what I'm talking about. The age of computers now, the programs change on a daily basis, when we first started with computers there was no internet, there wasn't even a fax machine. Sending paper over wires wass space age, now you can send almost anything and everything, except a human, maybe this is next, huh?
We are living in a Matrix, do you want to know the truth, take a pill. Red or Blue. You choose, who knows what will happen. Are we living in the Matrix? Or is your brain in a jar in some lab, where they are just preforming experiments with wires on you? hmm? Think, think? Matrix, Jar with wires? Anything is possible.
Or are we all living in someone elses dreams and we all don't excist? What happens when they wake up? We could be just one big tv program ....... shhh someone's watching you, cover up when you go to the bathroom, we could be PG13 or even a R18 ...... who knows?
These are a few words to think on. I can't remember that much about meeting Morpheus, but I took the pill to stay here, Neo was beside me when I took the other pill. So we all know what happened to him.
So when you go to bed try and knock on the jar with your brain, or see if you can go into another reality thats matches here and wonder if that is real or here, or even see if you can meet Morpheus.

These are a few thoughts ...... and its late

SexyFunny35 58F

12/30/2006 10:20 am

Wow it really must have been late, you got very deep.
How you doing today?

Justplaying082 46M  
20 posts
4/6/2007 10:30 pm

Didn't know that anyone came in here .......
very nice pic
you look very tasty

SexyFunny35 58F

6/16/2007 7:34 pm

Thank you, you look very fuckable.

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