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4/6/2006 1:23 pm

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Age - Society

Age - Relationships - Society

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!
Your too old to understand.
You are as old as you feel.
The past, before all the pollution and when we weren’t trying to kill each other’s off or being the lowest on the food chain, we lived a long time, over a hundred years. Then we became educated and decided what is best for everyone else and created a society
The general assumption is that either some younger female is goldigging a wealthy older man or a younger man is finally fulfilling his need for the mother whom he never had (naw she’s a milf) or she needs a boytoy. So society is judging everyone, but who is this society? Very secret, would be nice to join this society because it makes a lot of unwritten rules.
The term "cradle robbing" has been applied to those who seek younger ones. Although, it is true that there are those who do so for the wrong reasons, there are many who truly fall in love with those who are much younger or older than themselves.
As in all types of relationships, there are those whose sincerity and motivations are questionable. However, it would be wrong for anyone to conclude that any relationships spanning over 20 years exist because at least one of the individuals has monetary designs or other reasons.
It can happen to those who would never think it possible. To cast some kind of negative judgement on those who relate in this way is a mistake. In fact, such relationships can be very workable and fulfilling when both truly care about each other. Without the ever watching eye of society.
On the other hand, the two examples above are deserving of a little more consideration.
There are, in fact, older people who have absolutely no qualms about having a younger person as a lover even if it involves realizing that part of the attraction has to do with their being finanancially well off. The point to be made here is that there are couples who are very happy with this kind of arrangement. He enjoys being able to be intimate with a beautiful young woman and she feels more than secure as a result of his income or reverse (cradle robbing or boy toy).
Age difference is just another one of the many types of committed relationships that make up the fabric of our society. They not only exist, but those involved in them would have it no other way.

Now why does society even have a say in what we do as adults, sure some not behind closed doors but thats a whole topic on it's own, but we give to much to others to judge us on.

Hmmm ... should do one one society

This is just my opinion

douxetlent 65M

4/6/2006 3:30 pm

In response, I would like to paraphrase Robin Williams: "Joke society if it can't take a fuck!" I'm all for the idea that if it works for everybody involved, it really doesn't matter what someone else thinks about it.

For another line of thought on this subject, see douxetlent's last blog post.

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