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5/9/2006 10:20 am

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This FANTASY blog is dedicated to lightswitch1963

We arranged to meet lightswitch1963 at an upscale nudist resort close to Austin, Texas. As always, we agreed on the rules before hand ‒ exhibitionist and voyeur activities only ‒ with a good dose of sunbathing at an upscale nudist resort.

After the sunbathing, we went to our hotel room (we were sharing a room). The room had one king sized bed which we also shared. As we were making love, Mr. Bambi and I changed position and I found myself staring at Mr. Light’s beautiful cock. One glance from Mr. Light and I knew it was okay to put his cock in my mouth while Mr. Bambi was making love to me.

Mr. Bambi, who had been eying Mrs. Light’s voluptuous body all day, looked towards me for approval. Taking a break from my oral activities, I gave Mr. Bambi the nod of consent. In no time flat, he was caressing her breasts. It was only a matter of time before we swapped partners.

It was then that I understood what wife swapping is all about. Mr. Light’s smell, weight, taste, his cock, and even his sexual maneuvers were all different: not necessarily better - definitely not worse - just different. He was able to satisfy me in his unique way.

As I watched Mr. Bambi, I was surprised. I had always thought that I would be jealous if he ever made love to another woman. Instead, I was intrigued and proud. I was intrigued because I could watch him, his movements, and his expressions from a totally different perspective. I felt a sense of pride as my skilled man satisfied another woman - a close dear friend.

What I did not realize was how much I would want Mr. Bambi after I was totally satisfied by another man. Although my fear about wife swapping was that it would damage our relationship, just the opposite was true ‒ we became closer.

Do you think you could handle wife swapping (assuming your partner agrees to it)?

Written by: Team Bambi
Lady Bambi + Mr. Bambi

Whispersoftly5 51F
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5/9/2006 1:14 pm

My two favorite couples getting together and enjoying a wonderful, erotic and bonding experience. Very cool!!! I'm so glad this was positive for you.


P.S. Thank you again for posting a comment to let us know what's going on and thanks for the note. You're in my thoughts and I hope things are getting better - if even just a bit. (((HUGS)))


HotTeas4U 44M/42F

5/9/2006 2:06 pm

handle it??? We LUV IT!!! We've been a full swap couple from the start and have experience the same feelings that you express... enjoying the different partners uniqueness, the hotness of seeing your partner being pleased, the awesome sex with your partner that follows a swap...swapping has been lots of fun for us.

yummy posting..thanks for sharing your experience.


5/9/2006 3:41 pm

Wow... Thank you for sharing this. I'm courious about it, Just not sure how would feel during.. after. So glad you had a wonderful time.

Pragmaticcpl sent me.. Said you were not feeling well.. Hope your better

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Musicmanforevr 78M
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5/9/2006 8:52 pm

Personally, I can't understand why someone calls themself a swinger if they're not into full swap. I already know the reasons they don't and, for the most part, they are: shyness (beginners), fear of disease (haven't heard of condoms?) and fear of losing one's partner/spouse (already in a shakey marriage). Those that have the above hang-ups don't belong in swinging anyway. As most swingers have found, the greatest sex that a couple can experience with each other occurs after they have had a true swinging experience. Don't just take my word for it; ask other swingers.

pragmaticCTcpl 61M/50F

5/10/2006 5:59 am

Thanks for sharing. HUGS AND KISSES

smackyman 45M
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5/10/2006 6:11 pm

don't think that I'm in a position yet where I'm be able to handle it...still have a ways to go!

lightswitch1963 68M/53F

5/10/2006 7:40 pm

Thank you for including us in your blogs, it means a lot. We enjoyed being part of your world. Take good care of Lady Bambi. Looking forward to her return. Hugs and kisses.

2sweetnipples 51F
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6/13/2006 5:01 pm

I have been reading your blog since I got home today! WOW~ is only an understatement here! If I commented on all of them, I'd be on here all week long! Wish I could, but can't!
I loved this blog - as I am planning on a threesome myself with my partner (not married but been together for almost 3 yrs. now)~ I am worried however how I will feel about this. We are doing the mfm thing first. He's ecstatic about it and can't wait~ nor can I for that matter! However, the idea of another woman gives me that twinge....how do you get past that? In one way I am very excited, and in another....I get frusterated about how it makes me feel. How do you get past this?! Could use some tips here! Thanks for your blogs, they are incredible and love them all! Your both a trip! Happy Cumming! I originally came over here to search out your sqirting method....as reference in lilsquirts blog. Haven't gotten to it yet, I suppose I'll get to it soon. I'm a squirter as well, but love knowing how others accomplish it too....always looking for fresh and new ideas, ways, etc.!

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