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3/18/2006 3:37 pm

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Pure Romance

Welcome to our bedroom…

Even when it’s raining, just a little bit of sunshine can bring forth a rainbow. ...Lady Bambi

Yesterday started out as a horrific day. I received two letters via regular mail and one certified letter. All of the letters were from the hospital and they all read the same. Let’s face it, when you receive a certified letter from a hospital, you have a problem…

My letter said that they identified some abnormal growths in my cervix. Needless to say, I was devastated. The best I can hope for is cervical dysphasia (the pre-cancerous condition of the cervix) the worst case, of course, is that I already have cancer. I was scared and overwhelmed with the news. What I needed most was a friend who understood.

Without saying a word, Mr. Bambi briefly left the room. When he returned, he gave me a tight hug and assured me that he would be there for me - no matter what. His words were perfect. He did not minimize the problem and he did not try to nervously talk through the tears. Instead, he listened when I spoke and when I did not, he shared the silence with me.

After about five minutes, he took me to the bathroom and showed me the bubble bath that he had drawn. He sat by my side as I relaxed and soaked. Towards the end of my bath, he shaved my legs and pubic hairs for me. When my bath was over, he led me to the bed and gave me the most relaxing backrub ever.

Sure, the bath, having my legs shaved, and the massage were nice, but what made this night so very special was the fact that everything came from the heart. It was so touching because he understood. And it was heart-warming because he was a friend, a best friend, when I needed one most.

Lady Bambi

rm_GERRY1654 42M

3/19/2006 12:52 am

Hope all goes well for you both.

londongames 36M

3/19/2006 7:10 am

keep staring at that rainbow baby..... it'll be there for you.
Its bright and colourful, glistening, as will you be.

LG xx

MONA_14 30F

3/19/2006 11:40 am

you are invited to be our Friends

rm_goddess1946 106F
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3/19/2006 2:00 pm

Ok...Bambi goes onto the prayer list...

I answered your thoughtful questions in my blog entry with
the photo of 18...asking them back to you...your blog or
mine..I'll read them either place...

and believe with you for a healing for your body....
happy you have Mr. Bambi there to care with and for you...

BAMBI wrote:
1) Tell me what your biggest insecurity is.
2) Tell me something personal (versus professional) about yourself.
3) Optional questions:

Within all famlies, each person assumes a role. The caretaker, the patriarch, the joker, the scapegoat, etc. As a child, who assumed what role? Now as a adult, what role do you assume? Why did you change?

Lady Bambi

P.S. You may ask the same questions of me.

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

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