My Old Flame  

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3/30/2006 5:19 pm

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My Old Flame

Welcome to our bedroom…

About ten years ago I had a wonderful affair with “Mr. Orbit”, a handsome, funny, caring, and passionate gentleman. After a year, we parted ways because our professional careers sent us on separate paths. Although we promised to stay in touch, for some reason, we never did.

Yesterday, we met “Mr. Rabbit” from AdultFriendFinder. Our intention was to meet a stranger, see if our personalities were compatible, and engage in some adult fun. Imagine my surprise when the stranger walked into Starbucks and I realized that he, Mr. Rabbit of AdultFriendFinder, was “Mr. Orbit” from my past!

For me, I felt a rush or excitement, my toes curled, and I felt a little flutter in my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mr. Bambi, but do you think it is natural for me to have these intense feelings for an old flame after 10 years? Has something like this ever happened to you?

Lady Bambi

norprin5 55M

3/30/2006 6:44 pm

i think it's a perfectly natural reaction to a surprise like that

Mr Bambi may need some reassurance though, no? i'm sure you've got many ways to do that

King Nor XVIII

4Luven2 41M
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4/7/2006 2:15 am

Umm, yea.

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