The morning after  

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4/25/2006 9:13 am

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The morning after

That melodramatic post from last night was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I'm too much of a wimp to do that. Not that I am wimp in general, I think that falling on a sword that I don't have would be painful anyway! Now a flaming car wreck, that's another story!

I got maybe 8 hours of sleep over the weekend so I slumped into my bed at 10--the earliest in memory. I usually force myself into bed around 2 am during the week. Alert readers will see "my bed" and wonder what's up. OK, back to my sleeping arragements (if anyone cares)--the other occupant of my 500g townhouse sleeps in the Master Bedroom Suite, in a king-sized bed with her cat.

It was hectic right up until bedtime because I didn't pick up a vital component of the meal that I had planned. After the usual "what's for dinner," I had to whip something up and be creative with what I had. I hate the weekly menu creation part but once I get to the food store, I feel better because there are tons of pretty ladies there. Sometimes our eyes meet . . . Anyway, I did a few loads of my laundry and staggered off to bed with the dryer still running. I hate doing that because the clothes gets all wrinkly sitting in there.

Does that sound a bit familiar to you? How about never getting any thanks for more than pulling my share of the load. Payback? fuggetaboutit . . .

A Confession

So I admit on this page that I am somewhat married. I am up front about it in my profile, but all that gets is a lot of ladies that think I'm some sort of scheming playboy. I repeat that it's not about sex, it's about building mutual respect and my payback will be companionship, hugs and kisses. Looks aren't that important, it's about what is inside. However, I must admit that I am attracted to the most beautiful women on this site.

The result is that I have all day and night saturday to do what I please and I can't hook up for a dinner date. Oh well, c'est la vie. BTW, I hope that the AdultFriendFinder censors don't yank this post off of the site . . .

Peace . . .

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