Slowly simmering in front of my LCD  

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4/27/2006 8:35 pm

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Slowly simmering in front of my LCD

Quiet night eh? Site is sloooowww tonight! I have a wicked fast cable modem and I still snnnnnnzzzzz between pages. I still have big fat goose eggs all over my stats. Let's put up some crooked numbers together!

I was watching some very sweet-looking ladies in the video section. I have an iSight on the Mac I'm using but it refuses to cooperate for a web broadcast. My lappy has a logitech notebook cam and it works great! I like using my Mac far more than any XP box. I've been a PC guy forever, poking fun at the Mac zealots. I had to run some network tests with a couple of Macs and I took one home when the tests were done. I figured I'd try and and see what the fuss is all about. One day later, I ripped my overclocked PC (sweet for games!) out and ended up with two shopping bags worth of cables and a bunch of other stuff. My desk is so clean now with the top quality and elegant Mac stuff on it--everything is white and it looks GREAT. As a side benefit, I have WAY more space on my desktop. It's so user friendly and the OS is so stable I can't believe it. Between my Mac at work and at home, I only had to restart each of them only once in the last six months! I leave them on all of the time and the sleep function works perfectly. I still have to use PCs for testing, and every time I do something always f***s with me. I conclude that with the Mac, I mostly use Apple Mac software. When I use a PC, it loads all kind of third party software while it's booting up! Think that maybe that's the problem? The Mac NEVER asks stupid questions, the PC always does, even during booting up. Updating this, Updating that and make the boot up even slower. With the Mac, no antivirus software needed (yet) and everything except MS Office for Mac runs so reliably it enhances the whole computing experience. MS Office for Mac acts flaky, just like it does on a PC! I now love to slam the Gates.


Good night to all the pretty ladies--I'd LOVE to be there to tuck you in . . . sleep tight! . . .

Peace . . .

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