Oh My, Anime . . .  

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4/28/2006 3:19 pm

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Oh My, Anime . . .


There's lots of Japanese anime (or Manga)fans out there! But there's lots of interesting characters--and beautiful women are one. Hey man, how can you think that hand-drawn woman is beautiful. Trust me on this one too my friends.

You've probably seen some anime on the cartoon channel, but it's nothing compared to the real Japanese deal. There's also Hentai, a thick comic-book like mag that has these anime women in all kinds of sexual incidents. Trust me again guys, it's arousing.

My list of some of my favorite manga characters come from TV series:

Onegai Teacher - stars Mizuho Kazami. No teacher I've seen even comes close!

Cowboy ReBop - on Cartoon Network! Faye Valentine--need I say more?

Ah! My Goddess - Beautiful Belldandy and her love afair with the student (Keiichi) that accidentally summoned Belldandy from the "Relief Goddess Office! As the series progresses, several more beautiful Goddesses (Skuld and Urd) are introduced.

Burn up W - Stars three hot babes from Team Warrior of the Tokyo Police!

You are Under Arrest - two hotties Miyuki and Natsumi from Bokotuo Police Station careen around in a modded Honda Beat mini patrol car and a Kawasaki CL-500.

Enough for now. Check out anime if you haven't already!

Later, recommended full-length movies!

Peace . . .

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