Glee to Glum . . .  

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5/2/2006 11:27 am

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Glee to Glum . . .

I woke up this morning and was notified by my HipTop that I had two replies. That instantly made my day! Last night I sent complimentary emails to two pretty younger ladies telling them how impressed I was with their profiles and pics. I also told them that they don't have to respond.

I noticed both of them in the "Who's Online?" section of the home page. Neither one of them had any random numbers in their handles. Those indicators were good so I thought that it was safe to contact with both of them.

I excitedly opened my lappy to read the replies. They were both from the young ladies imploring me to use their email addy's to contact them. I recognized the hotmail addresses were in the same vein as other scams I had received.

Curses, scammed again! My heart sank and I berated myself for my stupidity. As revenge, I reported them to AdultFriendFinder and the offending profiles should be removed.

Listen up guys! I've fallen into this scam too many times. Now the scammers are actually "who's online" with their phony ladies! The only way we can stop this colossal waste of time is to out the phonies to AdultFriendFinder staff. There's a hyperlink directly under the reply email that sends the phony information to AdultFriendFinder staff so that they can deal with it.

Dudes! Do me a favor and use the flippin' hyperlink when you are scammed!!!!! These profiles have been floating around with the same handles for a couple of weeks!!!!!

I leave you with this thoughts-If the scammers are actually sitting around posing online, how valuable is your profile! Don't patronize the sites that their email addy's send you! How credible can those sites be!

At least I leave you with an amusing thumbnail!

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