Another lonely Friday spent simmering over the state of the world . . . .  

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4/21/2006 12:13 pm

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Another lonely Friday spent simmering over the state of the world . . . .

Now that I've managed to alienate other AdultFriendFinder members, I sit in my office all alone and and second guess myself. I truly adore the women on this site but it appears that they don't care to discuss it.

I can't deal with failure so I'm hard on myself when I falter. I need to come to grips and recognize that while my predisposed affection and enthusiasm works very well in person, it's a turn-off online.

I'm not sure what to do to shore up my sagging confidence . . . however . . .

On the local front, everybody is complaining these days about the cost of living in NJ and rightly so. The lifestyles of the middle and lower class are under non-stop assault. It's no wonder that the parasites on wall street and the dearth of greedy and unethical politicians, educators, public employees and overpaid executives are laughing all the way to the bank while the workers endure regular wage freezes, layoffs and the non-stop erosion of their benefits.

I find it outrageous that the GMs, IBMs and Delta Airlines of the world are allowed to unabashedly complain that their competitiveness and bottom line are inextricably linked to the burden of employee compenstation. We may be in big trouble because other corporations are more than ready to gleefully line up and jump on the bandwagon. They are all simply looking for excuses that legitimize more layoffs and beneift cuts that are crucial to worker bees across the nation. Maybe the cuts will make it easier for them to continue to grotesquely overcompensate their fat-cat executives and greedy shareholders.

How long can we complacently stand on the sidelines and watch our livelihoods turn into commodities? Let's face it, the times of loyalty and recognition for a job well-done are ancient history. Isn't it time that we stand up and challenge the unworkable methodology of the corporate, medical and educational communities that are at the bottom of this strife?

I thank AdultFriendFinder for an opportunity (this blog) to get these issues off of my mind and into the spotlight. Now I feel better than James Brown . . .

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