MFF: what a treat  

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5/8/2006 2:33 pm

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MFF: what a treat

This is an amazing story (for me anyway).

I have known this girl for a long time and we have always gotten together as friends (she has a girlfriend).

Last weekend she invited me to a gallery where they were going to be showing some work she did so I decided to go and see it and spend the rest of the weekend in NYC and do some shopping, blah blah blah.

Anyway, after checking in the hotel I received a packet with my invitation to the show and directions on how to get there. They really put on a great display for the local artists there and the show was actually fantastic.

After the show she said that a few of them were going to get together for some drinks and that I was to go with them.

I finally got to meet her partner (they are both lipstick lesbians and absolutely beautiful).

The drinks started to flow and everyone was getting into a great and relaxed mood. The conversation was great and watching my friend kiss her girlfriend was very exciting, even though I tried to play it off as if I see that everyday.

Well, it was now 3am and I was very tired and told my friend I was going back to the hotel to get some sleep. She said she would walk me back which she always did anyway.

This time there was something different when she talked to me, more flirtatious with a lot of touching. I thought maybe she was just very happy from the show and had a little too much to drink.

As we approached the hotel her friend asked if it was okay to come up and check out the rooms in the hotel and I said that was fine. The hotel was very nice.

I realize now that they must have talked at the club and decided to see if I want to join them in a threesome. Well, they did not need to ask me twice. It was amazing and that is all I can really say.

Now, are we still just great friends?

TickleMeBBW 36F

5/8/2006 3:16 pm

I'd say your you've got great friends there, I hope it only makes the relationship better.

Kisses and licks, Tickles

iluv2eatpussy94 replies on 5/9/2006 6:38 am:
You are right. I hope it makes it better and not strange.

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