Mixed juices...  

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5/1/2005 2:26 am

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Mixed juices...

... taste so good!

I take her swiftly and press her up against the wall and kiss her with desire, running my eager hands up and down, searching her yearning body in rhythm with my seeking tongue. I tear off her clothes in a frenzy and slowly kiss my way down her burning flesh, removing her top, her bra and loosen her belt, revealing a silky, moist pair of panties. I ease her panties down and let them drop to her ankles. Dropping to my knees, I lick her from her ankles, up her calf and knee, and right up past the inside thigh, inhaling deep, teasingly back up past her heaving torso, breasts, pulsating neck and back to her awaiting mouth.

Suddenly, I pick her up firmly, caressing her supple ass in my hands and feeling her strong legs wrap around me and carry her to the bed where I'd promptly throw her down and pin her with a lustful kiss. I slowly make my way back down to her throbbing pussy to bring her to breathless, screaming extacy, countless times. I slide into her to fill her dripping pussy with my hot cum, then have her squeeze it all out into my mouth to let me feed our mixed juices to her in a deep, delicious, passionate kiss.

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