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1/24/2006 6:54 pm

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OK, so when I turned 30, I decided to explore all my fantasies, and this year I'm turning 40 and I must say, I've experienced a lot. But last wednesday I met a man from AdultFriendFinder...we met at the local dive bar, I'm early (a rarity) so I get to see him walk in - an extremely sexy black man dressed in a suit with the most gorgeous brown eyes...we talk and drink and I know I'm going to like him...We go back to my place and I'm very hot, dripping wet...he lays me back on the bed and starts to finger my pussy, and lo and behold, before I even know it's happening...I'm squirting! The sound was amazing (slooshy) and squirt was going all over like rain drops! It was the most intense feeling...then when he's fucking me, the wetness was just absolutely unbelievable...he'd alternately finger me, I'd squirt, he'd fuck me more, squirt again...you get the picture!! I think I'll have him back this wednesday!

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2/3/2006 5:33 am

glad to read your story
share more with me in Squirt Curiocity post

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