The 1st meeting  

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5/1/2006 5:10 pm

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The 1st meeting

Calling you at your office making our plans were definate to meet for drinks after a long week of work.

....I was excited meeting you for the 1st time and so looking forward to it.
After my long day of teaching wee ones,I was ready for a hot shower.I wanted to relax and clear my head. For I knew that tonight could be full of surprises. I had to be prepared for them all.

Now, I find myself standing in my closet, trying to figure out what to wear...this is only adds to my excitment.

Finally settling for a just above the knee skirt and low cut form fitting shirt I slid it over my black lace bra and matching thong, along with a fresh pair of black thigh high stocking and my good old fuck me pumps with the 3 inch heel.

I got there before he did and went directly into the bar. Scanning the width of the bar while looking into the refection of the mirror, I could see that there was mostly men in there.Happy Hour with men in their suits and ready to destress. Hmmm, right up my and men are very comfortable with each other. BUT I knew I had to be good...I WAS there to meet a potential new lover.

I met your eyes as soon as you walked in, at that moment my heart began to pound harder. My thought was ''You never know what can happen in meeting for the 1st time.''
Instantly you found me and approached me with a warm friendly smile. When you worked your way to me standing at the bar, you lend into me a gave me the most passionate kiss. As I was kissing you back..I felt you cup my ass in your hards a pull me closer to you...I knew from there it would only get better.

We seemed to fit very well together as we drank and shared whispers and soft laughter. Speaking of our fantasies in a crowded bar where no one really paid attention was exciting. Kisses so truned into hidden touchs and eyes full of passion. The more relaxed we became the more shared.

It was one of our ideas too set the stage..and act out a fantasy..any fantay that we shared..rules were to be understood and agreed upon first.

Normally I am not a game player...BUT this game might be fun wink
Digging not too deep we found a fantasy that we shared....being watched SMILE
From that moment on it was a fantasy in the making.

As we drank and laughed our playful ruse became full of deliberate intent.
Leaving the bar area we decided to take a table off in a corner tucked away in the shadows of the dance floor. Scooting my chair right next to him, I was able to slide my hand down his leg and let my arm drape between his legs. I could feel you breathing and hear you whispering, telling me how badly you want to fuck me.
Just then the waitress brought our drinks and immediatly left ... I think she may have known what we were up too. Better for us aye??

The music was at a steady slow beat and the lights were dimmed..and there we sat kissing and secretly touching. Suddenly your fingers slide under my panties and began to tease my swollen gem
I leaned back and sipped my drink while your eyes absorbed the pleasure you could plainly see.

Leaning into you I slide onto your lap, drawing you closer to me with my arms I whisper into your ear "May I have this dance?" as my bottom grinds into your growing manhood.

Suddenly there were shouts from the bar "Last call!!" Barely able to stand we decide to leave the building and seek another place to finish our fantasy... so off the the parking garage we went.

In the elevatore after the doors closed I hit the stop button soon after the car began to move. My hands were sensualy touching you and feeling your magnificent body ... feverishly I carve tasting you and begin to undo your belt buckle finding my way to your wanting cock.

Sliding your hardness into my mosit mouth, each inch gets treat as same as the next...all but the head of course...twrills of the tongue over the head and down the underside...mmmm, my favorite.

At that moment we bagan to hear people buzzing the elevator button...constently. Quickly I rose to release the button and help him fix his time for the doors to open to a floor full of people. Climbing through them we scurry off to his car.

When we approached the car he carefully bent me over the front and lend into my ear and told me he was taking me there and now and to put my hands over my head and sprawled them out on the hood of the car. I then heard him undo his trousers and felt him take his cock and slide it up and down my dripping wet pussy in such a teasingly manner. He then slide inside of me...just the mushroom head...I cried for all of it.."Please fill me with your cock...PLEASE"

Off in the distance you can hear people looking for their cars and driving off...foot steps on the pavement..some near, some not.. the anticipation of being watched or even caught exited me beyond my wildest imagination....and what an imagination I have....hehe

kyplowboy22 61M

5/2/2006 7:48 am

Still at it I see. lol Good post, kid. Later


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