Mid morning delight, on the Full Moon Day  

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1/18/2006 4:51 pm

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Mid morning delight, on the Full Moon Day

as the winds grew blustery and the tempetures began to drop...I knew our time was coming to an end. Quickly I went back in thought, to the begining of our day. Smiling quietly to myself and enjoying the sensation of passion that melts over me as I think of what we shared this morn.

I guess you could say not being completely dressed when you arrived was sort of my plan. The seduction started with me being a tease....mmm... and how I love to tease you. Greeting you at the door in my jeans and flashy green bra, just fresh from the shower, smelling delicious.... I knew that would capture your attention.

Walking down the hallway, leading you to my bedroom..I could feel your eyes watching me and savoring each eyeful.

As the bedroom door shuts, I looked into your eyes as our lips locked, immediately I knew our passion (as always) matched. The power of the full moon day surges thru me filling me with an energy that brings me to an almost, animalistic realm. I wanted to devour you from that point on.
It wasnt only me...you felt it too.
The desire to please, the need to taste and to touch...the want to be filled with burning sensations.The longing of the drops of moisture from kisses that would quench parched lips....the shared tastes that come from our love.

Mmmm, yes what a divine thought... the prelude to our sex.

...slowly pulling off your shirt...
I let my face nuzzle your soft hair, suckling your erect nipples...Leaning back, I look up at your face and enjoy the look of pleasure written all over it.
...my hand continues to wonder below your belt, feeling for my pleasure...ahh...yes... your hard cock is my pleasure...

Laying now in bed, I slither up your legs..finding your eager manhood saluting me and wanting my attention. Softly I take him into my hand, to begin slow and deliberate strokes. My tounge twrills across the tip and engulfs him totally.... then pulling away slowly.

...working in steadfast to bring you the pleasures you freely give me....bring you to that edge... and letting you feel the near spill...absorbing your soft moans and purrs that fill the room....oh, how I want sweet release for you.

Pulling me to your side, you madly ravish me with kisses. Letting your tounge brush my erect nipples then taking them frimly between your lips to suckle them. Trailing kisses down my tummy, your hand touches my mosit treasure. With probing fingers you unfold my petals, to reveal your waiting pearl.
Lowering yourself, you watch me until your face is burried to begin your feast.

You love to make me squirm and thrash about. Knowing just how to make me plead in desire as you bring me to that edge...and
you stop...

....Quickly you rise above me, tempting me with your hard cock, up and down my slit....sliding it in my seeping wetness. My legs fall freely open, giving you my love offering. My hands clench my breast while you tease me more. Slowly I feel you enter me, sliding deep in my wetness.

Our bodies working together to achieve the same satifaction... the room is filled with our purrs of ecstasy...the smell of our love permeates in the air
as our quake comes to near...our bodies work furiously. Thrusts become more deliberate, hips rise to meet them. THEN that one last thrust, deep and hard. Stopping for a moment, I then feel you spill your seed deep within. Using every muscle I have, I draw every drop you offer, as my own release begins.

....in the after glow of our mid morning delight, on the Full Moon Day...we lay in comfort (in more ways than one)in each others arms with thoughts of what to do next....

kyplowboy22 61M

4/6/2006 5:18 am

Nicely done. The erotic without the sleeze, ummmm. Later


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