Is pain really pleasure?  

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5/21/2006 7:43 am

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Is pain really pleasure?

....being a woman that loves sensuous play I have never quite understood the pleasure of pain, therefore I never gave it a thought of pain being pleasure. as I continue my "stepping out of my box" phase in my life..I have viewed and only viewed pain to be a ultimate pleasure I have seen the euphoria one feels after the pain becomes so intense and you have reached your limit you MUST stop to apperciate the what your feeling...

...but anyways...heres how I viewed it...capturing the pain in my mind and equating it with pleasure , of course with a twist of passion....

The darkness of night is closing in;
I feel my lovers touch, hot upon my skin.
His warm breath, the kiss of desire;
His touch on my body, taking me higher.
Touching, tasting me from head to toe;
Pushing my body to its highest plateu.
Fingers teasing a secret warm place;
Biting, clawing, making my blood race.
His tongue tasting, teeth nipping my lips;
His hands grasping, fingers clawing my hips.
Smooth as silk, yet hard as steel;
Deep within my body, my passion is real.
Pleasures so intense, it borders on pain;
Biting my lip, the taste of blood drives me insane.
Whimpering and whispering, "I like it rough";
Ummm, harder baby...hurt me, you know I am tough.
Take me to the edge, push me over;
Pleasure that's pain as intense as my lover.
Digging my nails deep into his thighs;
I see my passion reflected within his eyes.
Riding him hard, riding him fast;
Release upon me, I know I can't last.
My body soaked, wet with sweat;
Hot and tight, dripping wet.
Deep inside, near my racing heart;
Begining to shatter, to come apart.
Urging you higher, begging you to come;
Let me hear you call my name as we become one.

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